What do you guys think about women commercial divers? I'm not one, but I know a gal interested in becoming one. In such a male-dominated industry, would it be harder for a woman to have a successful career? Would you enjoy working side by side with women?

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Sorry I ran the numbers and you are full of s*** Buster, besidea,Catlins one of my girls and she is a hammer!

JT, I have no need to justify myself to you, but work this one out...............34 years sat diving with between 150 & 180 days a year. Quite simple really, anyway, what about your diving career, how long have you been around >

I suggest next time you read a comment you wear gla**** and read all the post. I did not say that I was against female divers only that I would not go into sat with one !!!!!!!



Be aware, that "Dainty little thing probably stayed awake and heard everything in her safety training because she wasn't out in the titty bars with the Boys the night before. Women have an immeasurable and uncanny ability to deal with stress. They give birth nurse and prepare meals all at one time ( My wife is an excellent example. Also, your corpse  weighs nothing underwater. WOmen who make it through training make better divers than some men, they work together, and dont cut each others throats or whine when they dont make it into the rotation as promised- and they don't quit.

It comes down to "work smarter, not harder". Would you say the biggest man in rotation is always the most productive? I have had big, stupid, bell partners before. I feel safer with someone that can actually put a hat on, come get me, and think in the water. I've seen guys that are challenged by the intricacies of the Divex water trap or even med lock operations. I've had big stupid guys f**k up my chamber run because they didn't know how to tell time. I'll take the diver with a brain. All I'm saying is, in my experience, it's not a gender or even a stature thing. There are divers and there are surface intervals.

And Ethan,
Your first post in this thread was kind of funny.
The third one, not so much.
I see by your profile that you have not even finished dive school. That means you are not even qualified to flush the s***ter for my female saturation diver, nor fetch a cup of coffee for Miss Vazz. The old adage still applies, Ethan. It is better to keep your mouth shut, and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
Dive safe all,
Don't get me wrong. I am not against female divers nor do I think size has anything to do with strength. I knew a short skinny guy in boot camp who could beat everyone in our company at arm wrestling and I saw a itty bitty girl in a Phillipino bar beat the s*** out of a big muscle bound marine in a heartbeat. I have worked with a few female divers. Well I mean 1 diver and several tenders. We all know how rough, tuff, and dangerous this job can be. I admit that my thinking is old school. I do not believe in women on the battlefield. Workplace is something else. I have seen some male tenders who couldn't pull up a dive hose without whimpering about it. I guess what I am trying to say without eating my feet is this is not a job for the wimpy or delicate. At least the jobs I get.
I like you last comment here Mike well said class!!
Learn to hate everyone equally! I don’t care about race, religion, sex or nationality. I want people who are there to get the job done safely. Any woman who can be put up with the BS required and brings talent to the team is welcome.
There has been a couple more before Marni. When I was a tender at Global Divers... pre Global Industries We had a couple girl tenders that would spank the weaker boys on the deck. One even fell off a Billy Pue about 20 ft to the deck, dislocated her shoulder and when the dispatcher forgot she was on the out of work list still tried to come back offshore to get some more of that silly s***.
Sorry for the run on sentence but you get my point. She quit the industry to run off with a diver and got married.
Amen to that. If we had to ban Women in Diving, then we'd have to ban wimpy men, too. Then the ones that moan and b**** like a wife, then...well pretty quickly the only thing in the water would be an ROV! (driven by moaning wimps..)
I sure am glad to see that the majority of guys out there have an open mind-set about us girls in the field. I have been diving for the past 8 years and have done my Air Supervisors 3 years ago. I have dived, tendered, worked and Supervised alongside a lot of stunning guys with positive attitudes, and to them - I salute!! I never started out in the commerical diving field in order to prove anything on behalf of womenkind, nor have I ever seen it as a male/female competition field. Its all about getting the job done and for that, you need to be focussed and stay positive all the time. For that very reason, I don't waste time to brood on what people think about me or what they whimper about behind my back. I am my own biggest critic and set very high standards for myself. The commercial diving field isn't about jokes or fooling around. The client and your buddy-diver relies on you! My first priority has always been the safety of the diver in the water and to work towards getting trust and mutual respect - so that when the s***t hits the fan, the guy/gal down there will know that I will give it my all in order to get him/her safely back topside in order to have a fighting chance!! True that guys do have a certain physical advantage on us where strength is concerned, but I have come to realise that there is strength in knowing and understanding how to optimally use your equipment in the right way. Most jobs are worked and planned down to the finest details procedure wise and today technology greatly assists us in a lot of aspects down there. But having said that, I have jackhammered 2 hour shifts, non-stop, 3 repetative dives daily,for 4 consecutive days and I survived. (Have to admit though, when I closed my eyes at night... I was still jack-hammering!!) I have also resolved myself to the fact that women have to work twice as hard to be considered even half as good, and that's fine by me. Whatever makes you feel good!
The first time I ever Supervised an all guy team on a small barge, I told them that I wasn't there to alter anything or to create a new mindset amongst them. We were all part of a team and needed to work together in order to accomplish the job. This barge didn't have dressing or toilet facilities(really small, crammed up space with a Supervising station on..), and there were some akward glances when the first diver was about to dress in... Two years later, one of those guys walked up to me at a social event and shook my hand. He told me that my little speech to them that day, earned his respect and changed his view about females on a barge... My viewpoint back then and still is: "When you're out on a job, there is no time for any akward glances or sexual connectations when it comes to nakedness - being naked is one of the most natural things in life - and I sure as hell don't make a physical a****ment of every guy dressing in or out! I do very well understand that guys think a bit differently when it comes to this very aspect, but I know that most females out there will agree with me, our mindset and thoughts are all focussed and based on the job at hand, otherwise we wouldn't have taken up the challenge in the first place. I believe that women and men are created differently and have very different ways of approaching things, but no reason why we cannot respect each other and work together in spite of our differences. All that matters to me is that a team has the same goal and positive attitude when out in the field. Everyone ends up having a real "sh***y" dive from time to time, but that doesn't mean you're a bad diver! I found that most times that agitation surface amongst a dive team, are when the people on that team is constantly viewing the job as a personal battlefield in order to promote there own abilities or egos. Nothing worse than a negative or egosentric person on a team who constantly breaks down a good team spirit! Let's all cut each other some slack, that way the job gets done, the client is happy and we all get to take back home our salaries. I'll leave you with a little afterthought... A truely great women once said:" Women are like tea bags, you will only get to know their true strength, once they are in hot water!" (For the record sake, cold water has the same effect - where I'm diving the water is pretty cold!) Cheers to all the great men and women out there, who work their butts off and who manage to work together in spite of all! Safe diving to you!
couldn't have been said better!


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