so the only thing more common than divorces in a group of divers is the flash they wear around their wrist.

the sea dweller is iconic but it doesnt stand alone... so ladies gentleman lets see/hear what your wearing and where you vote lies

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Yea buddy you two can now really appreciate why when I lived in San Diego I got a immitation rolex and had the guts put in my old submariner. Much money ahead. Hooyah !
No s*** Mike but who in the heck ever wants to have to pay thru the nose to keep a dumb watch running. Yep its just another tool plain and simple. Does it work ? yea well start my time now over.
a ripoff is holding a receipt for tax's paid.
That $550.00 is 100% tax deductable as equipment repair which means you will get it back at the end of the year. So the cleaning was free.
Also your new Sea Dweller is fully tax deductable its a tool of the trade.
Pay tax's on income or use that tax money for tangable items you need that you can write off.
you never get out of spending it. the key is using pre-tax dollars.
Kalashnicovs also tax deductable , shark repellent.

Enzo Mechana
My dad has one of those. When he dies, that's all I want from the estate. Well, the guns too!
I think it similar to 'Bukakke'
I got this one its not expensive but it works and i like it

Payed about 700$


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