Someone can give me some reference on DANAQUOR

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they are an offshore oil and gas company, started in part by my boss at All-Sea, Its a new name but started by people who know what their doing.
Are you including Vince C**mings? Just curious.
its all vince and other investors no matt, no mark.
Steve Drover? Compass?
all seas are they conected to miami divers,did a job with allseas and m-diver to relace a truster on a cruiseship
Im pretty sure that All-Sea is part of the Sub Sea Alliance so yes they would be in with Miami Divers then.
The SSA -

...and we kick ass!

im down in miami right now soakin up some rays doing the hydroweld course in miamis' shop
ok skylar s*** wish i was in miami best place on d planet


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