is the "SafeGulf" thing even being used?

and is the "MIST" course necessary for guys in the north sea working as divers or is it just for rig hands etc.?


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MIST is currently needed for guys working from Platforms, Jack-ups or MODU's in the North sea. I know of one Sat boat who had to get everyone 'misty' for a particular contract, but it's not widespread on vessels yet.

A lot of GOM companies use SafeGulf, but they should pay for it if they need you to have it.

I was in the North Sea last summer and all that was needed was a Dutch ticket.  They looked over my log books and asked a few questions.  I had to get some more recent dives logged, but after I did that they gave me the OK.  

The problem in the North Sea is immigration.  They have a lot of divers and it is so much cheaper and easier to hire local.  

Safe Gulf is provided by all the employers!


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