I have been working in the Middle East and Asia for the last few years as a project manager and sat superintendent. I like working in these areas and well take on any project thrown my way. I broke out as a bell diver in GOM in 1974. I have been kicking around the industry every since and am still having fun at it. I am alwasy looking for new and interesting things to do. I try to live and persue the four basic truths in life.
Faster horses
Older Whisky
younger women
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Has anyone gotten any work through this guy?
Joe, believe me this guy has pointed alot of divers to work....are you diving yet?
Hi my name is Mark Heaney i am a sat Diver . Can you tell me if you knowwhenthe season will start in India ?
hey mate, been workining in india for a while, season is just about starting, but theres very little work going on, 1 indian company is doing surface mixed gas, and a few other air jobs, but they only hire indians, ive worked with them and i know they've cut their rates by 20%, so this years season in bombay high is really slow, the info is farely accurate as my cuzin is aproject manager with a company this side. but who knows, hopefully things will change!
Hey Roger, Hows it going?
Im a commercial diver from QLD australia..Ive recently finished my qualifications and was wondering if you know of any companies either in the middle east or india hiring baby divers??

Ive got a pretty good background in building and diving, I was just looking for a start. you know how these things go...any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks for your time mate.
Regards James
Hi I'M Rhett Grieve an air diver working in NewZealand on a pipeline am dead keen to go offshore and then go sat any openings apreciated.
hi roger, this is Zeno Craig Luis, i worked with you on the DLB 264 in april of this year, we were doing the riser instalation and spool tie in, im an air diver who was on mike shords shift (the indian guy with the strange hair cut, if u remember). i have my cdc, and ive been trying to get into the middle east for a while now, but i think im contacting the wrong people. any information on where theres work and who to contact would be much appriciated.


Zeno Luis

Are there many inland dive jobs in the middle east. Currently i am a level 2 ADAS diver.
Roger, I am graduating The Ocean Corporations dive school October 16th and am attending a 2 week NBDHMT certified DMT Program Oct. 23-Nov 6. I spent time in the Middle East while in the Army so I am aware of cultural do's and don'ts and would like to work in the Middle East. Any info you could send would br great. My e-mail is anthonybevacqua@att.net Thanks, Anthony.
Hi Roger
I am a IMCA Certified Air Diver D MT.
with diver medic too.,
Also looking into working were I can find good work.
Have been Working in Iran., India.,red sea .,a bu dahabi .,south Africa

If you have any contact details yet for air divers I would appreciated it.
replay me on
email: yaser_slama2000@yahoo.com
Your c.v. doesnt make sense,how do you get all that experience when you only qualfied at the end of Feb?
Ryano what do you think of Neptune Marine Svc's


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