Hey everyone finally signed up and love the site. I was just curious I'm starting to get the it h to go offshore. I've been an inland dived for the past three years and have a few hundred dives under my belt with all fascites of inland work, most in zero vis. But here in the summer work is slow for me and I've been wondering with the experience I have does that account for anything going offshore or would I still start off as a deck hand? 

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You'll make a fine tender.

But, anyone in the industry a couple of years would know the score, so you must be a TROLL!

Don't go offshore.. You wont dive for the first 6 months as a red hat.. And yes You will be a red hat. your inland experience don't mean jack in the gulf.. Break out is 4 to 6 years right now and you must have 40 logged gulf dives before break out.

THIS MAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH.  5 + YEARS tending before you break out as a diver.



but trust me when you break out offshore your like a deck ninja. but, not all gulf companies have a long break out, only the big three.



hope this helps.

Lot's of people say that any decent inland diver will make a good offshore diver, not the other way around though. But I can't really say, since I don't have firsthand experience. I think both realms ought to respect each other a little more. It's two completely different worlds.
Hey thanks guys I figured it would be that way but it looks like my companys gonna be busy this summer so hopefully I wont have to go.  But I still want to. Would it be easier to start with a company that does both inland and offshore? Start on there inland crew prove my worth and then try to get on there offshore division? I've got it pretty good with the company I work for now with just being a diver and occasionally running crews if we have more then one job going on. I just don't want to have to start at the bottom again. That make sense?  

Thanks all for your replies

Listen man, I work for Cal Dive, The largest commercial dive company in the world right now we have 5 year tenders that are the hardest working mo fo's u will ever meet.. Still aint broke out.. The other smaller dive companies might have shorter breakout period but can't keep there employee's busy. I have friend that dive for ranger, epic, legacy and global. I make more money as a tender than they do as divers.. Don't come offshore stay inland and keep diving as a part time job.


Hmm, still a tender, then? And with an OPINION?! WTF?!
And Tom, If u do decide to come to the gulf. Don't become your classic gulf a****** diver who thinks there s*** dont stink because they've played in the oil patch for a couple years.
i know, right?  lol
tom, it's different everywhere you go.  cal dive or the other big ones will probably take you on as an LT or diver/tender.  you'll have to prove yourself.  companies not as big could probably take you as a diver but your pay will be much lower due to lack of offshore experience.  that's the way it goes.  i'm not preaching and i'm not the offshore diver expert, i've just been around a bit.  if i were in your shoes, i'd pass on the big ones and try all the others as a diver and see what they can do for you.  this year i keep hearing it'll pick up, we'll see.

you must have at least 30 logged signed and stamped dives in the gulf before you become a diver. Cal  dive is 40. 


no joshua, adc requires 30 logged/stamped working dives anywhere for an adc air diver card.  you can go to many dive companies in the states with that air card and hire on as a diver.  and they do work in the gulf as well.  you can get hired on by dive companies, inland as well as offshore, as said diver sometimes without even showing a logbook or adc card.  you're a tender, i wouldn't be trying to be some expert on here if i were you.  i broke out with cal dive and i've worked for 6 other companies since then, inland and offshore.  i've seen what i'm talking about.


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