HELP........Thinking of going to Commercial diving school....PLE .HELP.........

im thinking of going to CDA school of jacksonville in FL.Im 32 and im  a plant operater,you no the one that sits on my butt all the time looking at computer screens.....i have been doing that for 2 1/2 years....i been in construction befor that..welding,fab work,rigging,Iron worker.pipe,and so on.but i want to be a Commercial diver really bad  more less a under water welder ,,damn that looks so cool...but i hear bad things on how hard it is to get a job and the pay sucks..I don't want a SCHOOL teacher to tell me that it is all good and that i don't have to worry about anything lmao right ....sure..i live in south carolina and i make about 17 a hour..sitting on my butt..i would like to hear it from the real divers ,how much is the pay for the 1st year..i mean i got bill to.and how much traveling it is.i have a little 6 year old girl,And how hard it is to find a job.ples. tell me befor i try and get a 28k school loan .....BIG step for me ....ty so much..i really want to do this .........but i need to know the facts....ty

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It doesn't matter what school you go to, so make it a point to save your money! All the dive companies care about are the certs you walk in the door with, not where you got them from. You got the certs, they hire you as a tender and you get your ass to work. Follow this link:
This school is located in Morgan City, LA and will save you a crap load of cash!

Also, work is starting to pick up but the industry IS overloaded with both divers and tenders. If you were to go to school, try to start so you would graduate close to June, that would be your best bet for getting hired and possibly getting to work..

I believe the rate is higher than $15/hr, but I can't say for sure. Just know that you will be getting a minimum of 12 hours a day while offshore no matter what. You get a wh*** week and that's 84 hours, so even at $15/hr, it still beats 17/hr behind a desk workin 40hrs a week......

All these posts are really providing some guidance ... Just like Steven this is a dream for me nut I am in a different part of the world Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies and i want to attend this school see link  I'm not sure of their status. 

can any more light be shed on this for me also, in terms of school, costs, jobs and pay etc...

all help would be appreciated !!


Just wanted to add my search for information along with yours. 

I joined this group to read comments on the Ocean Corp to compare it's NDT program to the one offered at Sparton College of Aeronautics and Tech.  If possible can I get some honest thoughts and/or experiences some may of had while attending the Ocean Corp. NDT program.  Not complaints about cig. butts being on the ground but information that will educate me on my decision.



I haven't seen an employer yet give a s*** about were you went to Dive School. If your serious about getting to work and sticking with diving, go to the cheapest and the fastest school so you can get to trying to find dive work in these tough times. The only thing that really matters is were you want to work, make sure you get the right certs for were you want to work. If you want to spend tons of money and waste countless months in school go right ahead. Im sure if you talk to any overpriced, lengthy Dive School they can justify to you why you need their school. And any Accredited school that you can get Federal Student Loans for, has to meet certain standards. And I assure you because of this their program will be lengthy. If you want to go to a short school and get to work quickly, you better have great credit or cash

Ive had students from DAI call me asking if im hiring and more than one told me a handful of companies flat out said they wouldnt hire any one who stepped foot in Tamaras school.

Thats a little unfair to the student, They dont know any better when picking a school I reckon.

Its up to ppl in industry to break all the bad habits they learned at dive school and replace them with new bad habits.

I'm currently at DAI, Seems like you really hate Tamara. Ive never met her. In week 2. However, this isn't my first rodeo so to speak. You are totally right about the Scuba diver teaching. I'm almost sure he is clueless. Right now I really wish I would have stayed navy and gone for round three with NDSTC. The thing that gets me is that there are NO minimum requirements for these schools. I have been watching these forums since my first bout at NDSTC and I understand the industry has been bad for years, they definitely play it up, saying im gonna make 50k a year after grad. I know better, but its simply just what I have always wanted to do. I have a lot of drive and am determined to learn, so if a company wont take me just because I graduated from DAI, I would rather work somewhere else. (If I can even find a place hiring, lol)

Plumbers make more money than your average commercial diver, perhaps you should forsake your romantic ideals and consider something that will provide a decent living. The wages for a commercial diver has not changed sense the 70's and commercial divers are a dime a dozen. Half a commercial divers pay is in the stories he tell of deep sea adventure to fat girls at a bar and the pictures of him in a Kirby.

Just being honest bro


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