Can anyone help me with info on becoming a Dive medical technician (DMT)?
What's the availability of DMT positions like? a lot of jobs, not much jobs, what?
and what is the salary range like? i've been searching online a lot and all i can get are the occasional ads for courses. no real career information.
any help would be really appreciated...

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as far as i know, each job needs a DMT. a boat i was permanent on had a DMT 99% of the time, and when we didn't have one, we'd find one. most boats and barges i know in my company work that way. but to my knowledge, to become a DMT you have to go to a dive school. i might be wrong about that. i know of one guy that was an EMT and other specialities in the medical field that wanted to get into hyperbaric treatment/medicine and to do that he had to go to a dive school to learn it. after dive school he became a nurse/technician at a hyperbaric facility. he was offered $30 per hour to start.
yeah apparently it's not completely necessary to be a certified diver to do DMT, however employers seem to prefer to hire DMT with at least some diving experience.
the logic being that, if you know what diving feels like, you'll be better able to treat divers.
Depends on where you are/want to work. In the North sea, there has to be 1 DMT per Dive team, ie. 4 in Sat. Air Diving, it's something like 1 or 2 per shift. Inshore, not required, but handy anyway.
Do you want to be a Diver Medic, or a Ship's Medic? Diver Medic is part of the Dive team, who has the limited Medical know how, Ship's medic is nothing really to do with diving- it's medical provision for the entire boat/barge/installation. You can usually get a few £'s/$'s on top of your rate for DMT. But you don't get to be a Dive-Medic as a career- usually, You are a Diver who works in the water, and can stitch people up when required. It's a ticket, like an Inspection ticket.

It's just the way you word your posting suggests that you're thinking Ship's Medic on a DSV...
I never thought of Ship medic. But it certainly does sound more like a traditional medical officer. I'm going for HCO and/or Diver medic because of my dive training. i want to stay closer to the diving.
In the US, the easiest way, is to get your EMT Basic from a community college. Then go to a Hyperbaric school such as Hyperbarics Intl. in Key Largo. Then send your credentials to the NBHMT (with payment) and boom, you're a DMT.

Nobody really uses someone who is just a DMT, maybe a hospital. Divers who have their DMT are more valuable than the next guy for obvious reasons.
yeah i know. that's why i'm a diver. thanks James.
I heard rumor that DIT was thinking about expanding their course study to include Dive Medical Technician. You might inquire with them for a good place to attend or if they have any information about if and when they are going to offer it.
I am looking at doing the same thing. From what I have found out by talking to UA of PA and Duke, you need to get your EMT Nat. done then take the course with a school that has a hyper chamber do your training and boom your an EMT. To get your EMT go to your local fire house and talk to them they will point you in the right direction. Its what I did
yeah i've gotten hold of a local EMT school down here. they train our Emergency response ambulance people. my only concern, is if the certification here will be recognised anywhere else. 'cause there's no DMT course in Trinidad, so i'll have to go US or Canada to do it.
I did check in to this 1 in the US you have to be an EMT with National cirt. 2 you no longer have to be a commercial diver only because If they put you on as a DMT they want you ready for anything that can happen from a cut to someone going south fast. pay i was just told about 10% more then diver only because you have no set hours they call you when needed. dive school in FL started last month and NJ is trying to get started in Oct. good luck JM
thanks John. that's some good information.
yeah i figured i'll have to do the DMT course in Florida. but i do have a relative in NJ so maybe i'll end up there. or canada.
the EMT i'm doing down here.
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