Today in class we were discussing the different types of dive knives and their uses. Of course there were lots of personal opinions concerning this subject and so I thought I would put it out there to the working diver and find out what you preferred. What works best out there? Fixed blade, folding blade... etc. What are the pro's and con's? What are your recommendations? I've heard that a lot of guys are using the Spydercos and the Green Rivers.

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spyderco pacific salt serrated edge. buy nothing but this.
heard a bit about the spyderco salt steel is it as good as they say
i believe they're as good as or better than what they say or what you've heard. it's really an investment and they'll last forever if you know how not to lose them.
correcting myself...the Atlantic Salt Yellow FRN ~ C89YL
i carried one in my pocket as a tender, had 2 or 3 in my tool bag for backup. as a diver, i carry 2 on my dive harness, 2 on my standby harness and one in my jeans pocket in general.
any knife that is easily reached and cuts well that you wont cry about if it doesnt float or come back when you throw it.
I usually have a spyderco tucked up each sleeve of my wetsuit and my mk-5 knife on my harness. The mk-5 knife is 3 tools in one, knife, hammer, and weight.
2 Backstabbers- one on the harness, one down the boot. Serrated kitchen devil in the toolbag. ideally, a safety knife (one of those hook ones) in the toolbag for cutting off the paper suits, if they're being worn.
the grand bread knife buy a few cut them to the same size make a decent sheath that they all fit into they cut pretty well and if they go blunt just toss em
spyderco salt series, the h1 steel doesn't rust
Old school - Morse MK V dive knife. War horse, so much more than a knife, lasts forever. Absolute must for hardcore divers.
folders   i bought a pak of like 20 throw away knives for 5 bux sharp as hell when they accidentally fall to bottom for some unknown reason lol i dont cry about loosing 70 bux i just reload


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