I need everyone's help to create a list of commercial diving slang words! We're going to add a mini dictionary of diver slang to the cDiver Wiki.

What words do you know and how do they translate? Also, please mention if they are specific to your country/location.

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This could get ugly. Much slang used in the GOM (Gulf of Mexico) oilfield is pornographic in nature. Others would just be names for tools that you may not have seen outside of heavy construction work. I'll get you started:
Cadillac = .5 ton wire come-a-long
Shaun, i agree be the HAMMER
Pig - used to retrieve high value products in the process line as well as to clean the line of build up. the projectile generated a squealing noise as it sped through the pipeline, therefore the name “pig”. pigging, as a manufacturing process, is where a pig is sent down a piping system to clean the pipe and/or recover product in the line.
Screw - Roto screw service air compressor
We'll start out clean....
D-1: Your basic shovel. (a human powered version of a D-9 Caterpillar earth-mover or similar) Not seen much off shore but used a bunch for inland work.
jam- filling tanks or baillouts

"hey did you jam the HP banks?"
Ha, not at all. Martha is actually our cDiver.net intern. She's a scuba diver, but by no means is she a commercial diver. Just like me. :)
Rectum- Commonly used by Alabama/Georgia divers/. As in H***eeee S*** that dive almost wrecked um...naw almost kilt him

roll tidee


Ain't no friggin wheel on the ARK.
this got out of hand quick
Yeass, Great isn't it!!!


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