some of the vids show the guys with she bailout upside down wondering what pros and cons are of up vs down

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bailout up why the f***in doubt
i'm curious if anybody runs their scuba set up valve down, and why dont you ever see twins mounted valve down. you would think that for the valve access comment twins would totally be a perfect example.

personally i'm a valve downer > on at the bottle off at the hat or bottle off hat open, depends on if i trust the fittings and reg.
The UK Navy used to use twin sets 'upside down' in order to run off one cylinder, then equalise from the other.
If you don't trust the fittings or reg. would you really be going in the water with it?
I have to agree with Stuart here if your rig is crap whats it matter down or up? Ive dove both ways over the years and I found that in both positions it still gives you air when needed


They use to run scuba tanks upside down on at least one model of the Scott Hydro Pac it was a full face rig in the mid 1950's to the 1960's. You could reach around and control the valve on that rig. Pretty cool rig the full face mask had a regulator on the side of it. You can most likely see one on line on a historical type page. Scott Hydro pac. 

not worried if they are going to fail just if there's any kinda slow leak.
Tank upside down,Valve off , air hose charged, I want to know for sure my emergency air is ready for me when I need it. I dive a Gorski so that's a perfect set up as I see it.
Down! Always! It would be a shame to find a diver dead on bottom cuz they needed to go on bailout and the valve had accidentally been shut but they were unable to open it because they couldn't reach the valve.....
Personally I always have mine valve down but on at the bottle people say one more valve to turn but the way ive always seen it and stood stong on it is so the 1st stage is always charged and you know theres not severed or burst hose during the dive, easy to end a dive to change out a hose or o -ring than need your bail out and not have it
If you hat doesn't have a EGS valve (like the Gorski), you need to have it down.  If you have a leak, you can just shut the valve off at the bottle, get the dive done, and fix your leak later.

Just how many hats don't have a EGS? I can think of the Gorski, Swindel, and Desco Pot.

upside down easier to reach back and turn it on, but if your off at hat and on at bailout i would think right side up would work just fine its all personal preference but when you need it as long as you can get some air into your lungs thats all that really matters right


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