I'm in school right now, graduate in May, planning on taking Dive Medic course over the summer. I want to get into SAT diving, and am just looking for some advice.

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Well , if it gives you any idea how tite nit the Sat. comuntiy is out here..You have not even gotten one response Killer. Do your home work.Hire on with a company with boats and Sat. systems . Start at the bottom ( Sat. Betty )Tend with that company for 2 to 4 years , break out , dive for that company for proabley another 3 to 5 years maybe more. Depenting on what kind of Head you got on your shoulders and if you still got all your fingers..And then one day you may get lucky anough to get stuck in the can...It's a long road to walk my friend...Don't forget to toast the bread befor you blow it down...Good luck..
as a tender, get on a sat boat and work your way up.
yup listen to Mikkel you have a long road 1 in a 1000 makes it......... Schools are taking alot idiots and making them tenders.... They just want ur money, just have a good head shoulders and never give up and if ur single stay that way......
if your single stay that way, huh!!! i wish i would have stayed single as well honey. still could.....
Here's some food for thought. I went offshore recently and worked for a really hardcore supervisor. Honestly, he knew his stuff inside and out and I was impressed to be working under him. I'm 35. He looked EASILY 10 years older than me. He was 26. He was already complaining of joint and bone pain. SAT ages you twice as fast. Ask anyone who's been in it for a while, then ask yourself if it's worth the money.
Well, Flynn, I'm 35 years old and don't want to work forever. In order to retire, I need a decent paycheck. I lost most of my retirement in the recent banking upheavals. I also have a family to provide for. As for the GOM, not too interested. There are other places to do sat diving.
Not a satdiver myself but I do know that guys who start diving and thinking they gonna earn big heaps of cash come home dissappointed. The road to serious money is long. There are other ways to make money faster. Good luck
best way into sat > "through the med lock."
Well Isacc I'll tell ya if you want to make big money fast open a pawn shop.or become a mortician.
37 years old - you would have a better chance as a lap dancer in Singapor.
They dont pay you to blow bubbles.
You're not gonna be a sat diver. You're too old. You could get on with a surface supplied company and maybe get some gas work if you're good, but you have to be good. I've had to keep many guys out of rotation because they just couldn't get anything done, or put the job in reverse. Gas is no place to learn how to dive.

The diving climate is very cold right now, you'll be lucky to find a job. So if you really want to pursue this career, take what you can get. Get rid of those fuzzy dreams about making 2k a day, and listen to learn.

The best way to make money in this game is to work long hours and stay offshore as long as you can. The overtime is where you make your bank. This is where the military guys fit in, their family is use to them being gone for months on end, and they know how to make the best of things. Don't be fooled into thinking if you do your time, you've payed your dues and will be granted the gold ring. It's usually brass, and when you break out, it's because you've been whining to much and they're gonna starve you out. That's why you see these gently used hats on ebay from some guy who worked as a "Diver" for three years and now is changing careers.

I know these words are not what you want to hear, but it's the harsh truth. I was lucky to have someone prepare me for the worst of it. It doesn't profit me or give goose bumps to rain on yours, or anyones parade. You can make a good deal of money in this game, but those who stay in it, stay because we love it and really wouldn't do anything else.
Thanks James. This was the response I've been looking for. I'm well aware of my age(some days more than others), and am really just exploring all the options out there for diving. For the last few months I've been watching what everybody has had to say, and it seems to me that there's a lot of bitterness out there. Makes you wonder how good a job SAT actually is.
Some days it's the best job you will ever have, period. Other days, you'd rather someone just put you down rather than get in the Bell. Pretty much the same as every other job, anywhere.


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