Found this video on a lifting operation turned to s***e. From what I could see the divers were on 115 meters and the bag stopped at 83 meters. Hopefully there are some portugese speaking divers who would like to translate.

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Eric thanks for sharing a very good safety reminder this could have been prevented had they first attached a safety strap at the top of bag to pipeline. Lets see they were working in over 300' of water-man that diver was lucky to escape that one as that would have been his last ride to the surface.
Again, it seems as if he went up 30 meters or so and since they are in sat I wonder how this might affect the diver and the wh*** operation. I think he stopped ascending because there wasn't any more umbilical going out from the bell but if it had been an air dive, well...

Eric, the correct comment should be: I found this video on

I found the video here

Have I done sth. wrong by posting it?

Absolutely not, sorry my mistake then Eric.
Yea Dale its no fun when a pile burys your hose in the mud and there you are.


Dale, I use to have a Navy 45 cal.Stainless Steel cable cutter that would cut through 1 inch steel cable in one shot, but it weighed 20lbs.

had a cable cutter on my one atmosphere suit it work by turning a wheel in the suit.

I have had a concrete pile lay over on my dive hose and I had to cut it to get to the surface. serratted knife blade cut it all.

Side cutter pliers will cut TV,Comms and nylon rope. always carried HD linesmen side cutters for fish line,hooks and pull out stuck burning rod stubs.

I like this shear idea would it be like a cigar cutter on steroids?

pretty sure the fact that the umbilical didnt fail was the only reason he lived.


and 9 times out of 10 you want your umbilical intact whether your pinned by it or not. your stuck- but at least you have air and comms.

I don't have much experience so my opinion doesn't count for much but I think your idea makes sense Dale.
I'm not seeing the relation to an uncontrolled lift bag in sat. If his umbilical failed while he was stuck to 2 tons of lift he would have been dead before he could say deco. If we're talking in general, in a surface oriented dive, and your compressor s***s itself while you're fouled, then wouldn't your backup supply be enough until the standby gets to you.(with bolt crops if necessary)?
I think we have a good example of two opposing systems of diving, coming from two different directions. You may want to be the master of your own destiny, but there's the other way, which is valuing the 'team'


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