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Looking for inland diver in the mid west who has own equipment including hat, Various job assignments going right now. Contact ASAP for further details, thank you for your time.

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km 77 for sale

if anybody is looking I got a km 77 for sale comes with welding shield. hat bag has seen better days . inner and otter adjustment tubes are 4 months old . hat used mostly in shallow dive construction work, minor scratches solid hat. looking for 5500 obo feel free to contact me for any info

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fist sat run

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Alarm Bells Part II

On November 4, 1976, two K. D. Marine divers, Howard Spensley and Charles Meehan, were ordered into the water to recover the end of a broken pennant wire which was attached to one of the anchors of the drill rig, Ocean Voyager. Their task was not unlike the one Christopher Broady and John Clarke were ordered to perform in 1974.

It was a cold Thursday morning and Spensley, from Huddersfield, England and Meehan, from the Bronx, New York, were lowered by crane in a basket to the…


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Alarm Bells Part III

One month after the deaths of Charles Meehan and Howard Spensley in November 1976, the North Sea delivered yet another example of just how dangerous it was to send men into the North Sea daisy-chained together while diving on SCUBA. 

A little after 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, Comex divers Trevor Murtough and Michael Moore were lowered from the deck of the Sedneth 701 to the waterline. Again, the job was to reconnect a pennant wire to one of the rig’s…


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Alarm Bells Part I

On April 29, 1976, after a diver nearly lost his life on SCUBA, the Diving Inspectorate of the Department of Energy issued a Diving Safety Memorandum drawing the attention of the Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC) to the “inherent limitations of SCUBA diving equipment especially when worn with a free mouth piece.”

Incidents have arisen when a diver has been put at risk using SCUBA in marginal weather conditions.  Endurance is limited and good communication…


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looking for used diving equipment

I am in search of two 300ft umbilicals with coms and pnemo. 1 air rack with comms and 1 volume tank

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The Death of John Dimmer

On June 30, 1974, divers Ian Beaton and John Dimmer were being decompressed on board the Sedco 135F after making a short bounce dive to 490 feet, when, at about the 90‑foot level, Dimmer suddenly complained of shortness of breath.  He told his diving supervisor, Mike Spencer, that his chest felt like it was “full of air.”[1] Spencer followed procedure and recompressed Dimmer back down to 100 feet where his pain was completely relieved.  But when his symptoms continued to reoccur…


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In Need Of A SL 27

I need a dive hat guys, If anyone has a 27, that will pass inspection, I will gladly take it of ur hands if the price is right!

Added by Ms. Fritz on August 15, 2013 at 7:47pm — 1 Comment

Upcoming IMCA Diver Medic Technician Refresher Courses:

 5th August 2013
26th August 2013
16th September 2013
7th October 2013
28th October 2013…


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LAST CHANCE: Before IMCA changes



Optional First Aid at Work valid for 3 years available. ...

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OPTIONAL: First Aid at Work valid for 3 years.

10 days, Monday to Friday.

... £900 inc VAT

Places still available for this course, for further information and bookings: or 0845 838 7322…


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IMCA Diver Medic & Refresher - Medipro Training changes in certificates & prices

The IMCA Diving Division Management Committee, at its latest meeting, was concerned about skill fade with diver medics and agreed that more frequent refresher training would help address this concern, all certificates will be changed to be valid for 2 years.


These changes will take place from 1st July 2013, we have reduced prices of both courses to help with this change!


All students who book before this date will get a 3 year valid period on their certificate…


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IMCA Diver Medic courses & Refresher courses - NORTH EAST

In response to recent communication with IMCA we have now separated our full IMCA Diver Medic courses and Refresher courses.

We have now scheduled all new dates from June throughout 2013, please visit our website for further information 


Alternatively please do not…


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Industrial diving institute

 I was completely pre mature on recomending this school..They have no certified commercial divers in there school nor from what I see do they even have scuba instructors...Just so called open circuit (scuba)  proffesionals..I think if your looking for underwater related work,,youd be better off sticking to the real commercial diving schools...These Idiots are gonna kill someone.

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Diving is my passion! Working as a commercial Diver is Awesome!

This is a story that really happened to me in the infant stages of my commercial diving career. I left my comfy D.O.D ( Department of Defense) job for the Army. Along with my 401K, paid leave and sick days, Full benefits. Yes i was nuts ,But diving was my passion . I had but so many good yrs left. I started out late in life . Most of my commercial diver co-workers at my age where looking to get out…

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New cDiver Media Kit!

Hello Community! 

I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits! I just wanted to make it known that we just created a new Media Kit for cDiver. If you would like some information on advertising please either contact me on my community page, email, or fill out of the contact form on the main page of the site.

Feel free to let anyone you think who would be interested in advertising for connecting with the diving community.

Also if…


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NEW Commercial Diving Jobs

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