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Experience : Civil / Construction Works.
Start Date: ASAP
Rotation: 2-3 month On / 1 Month Off
Duration : 2-3 years
Location: Abu Dhabi – UAE
Rate: $70-100(As per qualification)
Expenses like travel tickets, accommodation, medical insurances etc. will be paid by the company.

Should be interested please send CV and certifications to or you may call us @ 44 (0) 845-869-2038.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

....but don't hold your Fu@king breath, love....

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Is that a day rate or hourly???
I think it might be annually...
Now thats not too bad if that was the case
I would go for the sunbathing and duty free's. Just wouldnt get in the water. Or turn up for work.
That's gotta be a typo.
Actually its not that great of cash. If you make say well split the diffrence 85k a year but work 3 months on 1 off which is a terrible shift a guy would only be making about 300 a day... Not unreal
Will....I was joking... That's $70-100 a DAY! Supervisors $400 a day... One aimed at the Asian subcontinent I think...
Haha oh man thats where rates stand these days over there eh. Might wanna refer the guys asking if they should be divers to this post and see what they think :-P

Arman Hammer had a great saying, "When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys".  God help those poor bastards.  



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