What do you guys think about women commercial divers? I'm not one, but I know a gal interested in becoming one. In such a male-dominated industry, would it be harder for a woman to have a successful career? Would you enjoy working side by side with women?

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You rock sister ^^
I wish every diver in the industry shared your insight. Teamwork is essential. And teaching is just as important as learning. I am a client representative now & still try to pass on my knowledge every day.
Well put...Definately gave me a bit more drive than I already had in making it in this industry
Moaning wine and cheese, our industry is an equal opportunity wine and cheese event!

On the subject though, I say let 'em work. It only takes a job or two to see if they will make it or not, male or female. The investment needed to give them a chance is equal. I have not seen a dive crew reject anyone for any reason other than they didn't do their part. If the facilities etc. allow for it, then let the effort level decide who to keep or not.
I say treat them the same as the males. If they can hang then let them dive, plus they usually smell better. Really though, I've seen some sorry ass male divers who can't pull their weight and they seem to stay around.
I say as long as they can pull their own weight, then by all means they are welcome. However, women seem to have an up hill battle on some vessels. I've actually heard someone say "We don't like women in sat, because their "Physical Make up" makes them trap water in a certain body part, and that leads to infection problems." I kid you not on that. I just had to shake my head and walk away.
Quite a few guys talk about these bits offshore. I'm pretty sure a few of them have only seen pictures, though....
do you know any female divers? How many do you know because you sure sound educated on this subject like you have quit a bit of experiance working with several females divers................. so how many girls can you really put on this list you seem to have going. 1? 2? 10? 10 girls is a big number in this industy but in actuality that is a very small number. Why dont you take your assumptions one girl at a time.
Girls rule, always, it's a fact!! The problem here is that it's harder for us to get respected as professionals. But once we get into the water and do our jobs as well as men do, we can get that respect. I think there are some kind of jobs women can do better, when it requires calm and hability. Man can do better specially when it requires strength. But there are some jobs I think we're equal, than it changes from person to person, deppending on the habilities of each one.
Hey Shaun, seems like you've been around the block a few times. Also seems as if warming the beach is doing your wittiness quite good... You remind me of my "Green River" - sharp around all the edges! lol Pitty that you're taking the time out - some job out there is definately in need of you're expert advise - seems as if you're good at giving it... I take it then you have no remarks on my earlier comment to you - too serious for your liking???
JAson, that for real...?!! Yeah, we sure don't need women like that around, but then again, women like that you'll find in any industry - they give a bad rap to anything... Sure hope she never crosses on one of my teams! take care...
I think it's awesome...why not?


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