Hello to all,

As I’ve never done such kind of work and although I’m now retired I would appreciate if someone could tell me what kind of diving works are realized on windfarms.

Thank you.


Papy One

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Hi Papy,

Haven't worked on Windfarms personally, but as no one else is replying...(!) I believe the main Diving work on Windfarms are debris and UXO clearance for the cable routes, pulling cables in through the bottom J tube up to the turbine, and matting the cables. Maybe a bit of dredging or sandbagging. I know there's not much variety in the work, anyway.

Thank you Stuart.

No reply maybe means that there are not so much divers working out on these installations.

it'd have to be cost effective to support a marine based energy generating industry.

the Dutch are working with tidal flows to generate electricity.


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