what tools are a diver expected to have when they go offshore?

I know I’m probably not going to get wet for the first year or so and I’m fine with being a tender for the first 2 or 4 years in fact I’m going to be the best dam tender out there! I'm just sure like any other construction job a diver is expected to have his own tools. What would those be? And do companies supply hats like I’ve been told? Thanks for the insite!

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No they don't supply you with a hat unless like GLOBAL , they had a hat program were you don't get hurt and stay on for a year they will give you a hat an ugly GLOBAL blue KM 17A and when any one wants to use it, you have to let them. Tools just a basic tool box not to big and not to small,the only thing you really need is Crescent Wrench's  big one, medium one and a small one. When you are a tender you really don't want to bring a bunch of s*** because you are going to be carrying all the divers s*** on and off the Dsv and you really do not have time for your s***.
whats a good hat? and what is a price rage i should look for? when im ready to buy one
You will know what hat you like when you get done with school. Arm and a leg it will coast

s***ty whats some good brands?

Kirby Morgan is good and they have a lot of new hats I like the KM super-light 27 but if I was to buy a new one I would get the KM 77

Well Mr. Flynn IV already got those answers but I do like the one, who has been through the course in the last year that can give me pointers? As for my Rhetorical Question you really didn’t give me a cultured answers just a smart ass one. I’m glad you were Tracking when I said I’m going to be the best DAMN tender! Meaning I’m going to make a good DAMN occupation in diving here are some another good questions. What kind of work can I expect to be doing the first year? Another is What do you most enjoy about your work? Or Describe the work environment. What jobs will be expected of me as a tender? And as far as my name goes you don’t need to know my name so just call me RED and I’ll just call you Flynn.


Tailing red identify yourself why should any of us take the time to answer your questions  ? This is beginning to remind me of that phoney computer creep Ethan that was run off this web site. Most of your questions sound like some they come from some computer wanta bee.

Man up post your name or quit wasting all of our time. If you dont like flynn ,Barone or my answers an tone quit while your ahead. Your disrespect to senior divers will never be tollerated. Now go get us some coffee and hurry up.

I don’t mean disrespect! But I’m not going to lie down and be walked on either. I was brought up to look a man in his eye when talking to him, always shake a hand with a firm hand unless it’s a woman, and never have respect for someone who doesn’t respect you. And once again what’s the big deal about the name thing if it will make everyone chill out its Brad Maring. Now you all know my name I think I posted some decent questions does anyone have some detailed answers?

Oh dear. History repeats itself......
yes sr. ill do it with a smile! I would love to hear what you expect out of one of your tenders.

so I think I’ll be fine because I’ve been in construction long enough to know when your new to something you start at the bottom you keep your mouth shut and you listen to the sr. guys who know what the hell their doing. I hope I get to tend for you one day. You seem like someone I could learn a lot from, you Ace and Dale. Thanks, I can understand were tenders can piss you divers off when they don’t want to wait their turn and put in the effort to do what it takes to become an experienced diver. It reminds me of a guy named mike I worked with doing chilled water lines. We were both labor hands and both wanted to be welders. Well for 5 months I went to the shop after work and practiced welding coupon after coupon till finally I was able to take a test. I passed and they threw me in the ditch. Well guess who was digging that ditch for me, f***in mike. He cursed me and was always b****en that he had to dig ditches when I was sitting pretty in the shade making 10in. welds in stands, that I had it so much better than him. But you know what I worked my ass off for that spot and he didn’t. So he had the shovel in his hand and I had the stinger in mine. This has started to get a little winded my point is I know the value of putting your time in and paying your dues before you can earn the label of a trade.

HOUSTON SHUT DOWN THE OPERATION-WE HAVE A BREAK THRU !!! And to think I was just about to give up on you-you finally get the message.

"Good Lord there is some hope for the younger generation".

Now get buisy you've just getting started on this journey and you have lots more work than  to do more than you can ever imagine..Good Luck. Now get back on deck , where's my coffee ?



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