VRHabilis has several immediate openings for UXO qualified hard hat divers.  We have several projects either in the field or ready to begin with enough work to keep you employed for most of the year and beyond.  Please contact me for details.

Teri Lu


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You can choose- Army or Navy.
sorry for the delay in answering your question.  Long weekend.  Yes, there are 2 civilian options that I know of for getting your UXO Tech 1 qualification.  Try these www.uxoglobal.com or www.teex.com.  I am told candidates can use their GI Bill for part of the tuition currently but one of our employees tells me they're going to be changing their terms and by October almost all of the tuition will be covered.
I hope I am wrong but this seems to have all the ear marks of a big come on-make me wrong please.
Uh, you're wrong. No come on here. Dude asked a question and I answered.
is there much demand for civilians with this qualifications or is it the military guys that take all the work
Federal regulations for hiring guys in these positions do not clarify civilian vs military trained.  We're just required to show copies of their school graduation certificates.  Ond advantage the military guys have is time.  Advancing through the UXO ranks is a function of time on the job.  For the most part, military guys start out at Tech III in the civilian world.  Graduates of civilian schools start out as Tech I.  I believe it takes 5 years of work experience to achieve Tech II, etc.

So does that mean it will coso $10,000 for school and 5 years of time to get to the pay rate of $24.00 an hr.?

All the while exposing oneself to being blown up? One mistake -GAME OVER

Ace, I'm sorry you're so worked up over my posting.  We have job openings for guys with specific qualifications.  One of the gentlemen, Mr. Smith, asked a question which I answered.  We have no affiliation with the schools.  Our preference is to hire veterans from any service since both owners are service disabled retirees and currently all employees are vets or retirees, mostly from the Navy.

With any employment, there are minimum qualifications that must be met and with federal contracting those requirements are dictated to us.  UXO/surface supplied diver is a limited labor pool.  Since we have a need to staff several dive teams this year for contracts already signed, we're forced to consider alternate qualifications that the USACE will accept. YOu are off quite a bit on the pay rates, though.  For one thing, if a UXO diver is working as standby, tender or diver, those rates prevail, not the UXO rate.  And as I'm certain you know, Dive with hazard approaches $100/hour.

No intention to offend or mislead.  I simply thought there might be some divers on this site looking for work.

Ya I'm looking for work but dont want to spend the money that I dont have to get UXO rated.  Hire me I'm a hard worker fast learnner.

Hi Teri ,


This all sounds interesting but can those of us from the Great White North ( Canada) attend these training institutes or is it only for US residents, as well as the jobs ??



I really don't know that much about the schools but I would imagine you can.  Issue is always getting the Visa to work here.  I'm told we can use the TN Visa which is through NAFTA but I haven't figured out how yet.  Do you know?


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