Here we go again I just know they make that kind of money because I have had so many people tell me that they know it for a fact. What a great joke for the unknowing and you will hear this 20 years + from now. All you have to do is find the company who pays that. I have been in over 20 years and havent found one of them yet. But after you have given all of your bucks to a school to learn how to drag weld underwater you might wish you had bought a new welder or a new truck instead. Hey the schools teach good stuff but all you will really be doing is becoming an apprentice tender dive slave just holding a hose for some time now do you really think with all the talent all ready out there in the field that some company is going to throw you a new guy in ? Think about it you will become a apprentice dive slave your just going to be holding a hose and will also have a big school bill to pay off with no new welder or truck and will need to buy your own dive hat. Its all about the money and you will have just given your away. Please dont take my word for it because rember underwater welders make $250 per hr. Where are these people I have never met one yet. Dive safe.

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is this supposed to make any sense?
It makes perfect sense to me. I was told that out of school I would be in the water making 100k a year. I have been out for a month and haven't found anything in the Philly PA area. I am back to topside welding and pouring concrete till I find a dive job. 250/hr yeah maybe if they find an ocean with oil on Mars....
don't know why anyone thinks they'll be a diver out of school or making that much either. not to mention all the work and money is in the gulf of mex. good luck
I am figuring that I might have to save up some cash and head down there. Seems to b the only way I will make any cash, that or to head up to Alaska
go to louisiana, hire on with the big dogs and you'll be fine
Thanks Toby
i dont make 250 an hour but my company and i burn more rods than you can shake a stick at we are specially set up and certified for u/w hyperbaric and dry welds welding is what we do. but that being said we are an oddity in the industry.


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