Hey Guy's

Just thought I would open a thread which people can post on and offer tips for new divers!

As many of you may remember, it was not the easiest time getting into the industry and the first few jobs being the hardest!

Offer up some POSITIVE suggestions.

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i went to the ocean corp. hired on with cal dive 2 weeks before graduating and was offshore in 4 days. if it's what you want to do and you're mechanical, then i say do it. just read everything on here and make sure you can hack it before you invest. if you go to the school for a visit, find les joiner. he'll level with you and will give you the best info.
Any ideas on how to get your foot in the door with an inland company? I have been out of school for a month now and only had one job that lasted 2 weeks for a s*** company that I knew I had to quite or get really hurt with the s*** that company was doing to their tenders/divers and the safety infractions they told you to over look. "using machines that would cut out all the time, not doing lock out tag outs, a dive KM SL 27 they fixed the crack on with 5 min apox that day, etc, etc,"
ok class everybody line up and hold hands we are going for a walk
and what is that supposed to mean?
seems like having an large ego is a prerequisite to being a diver, guess i will fit in well off to school soon, would like feedback if there is a school that is better than others.
having a big ego makes you a pain in the arse to work with
Thought I should add in some thought! Funny about that.

At all times, ears open, mouth shut, be alert and know whats happening around you at all times.
Be positive, build a rep with divers and not just supervisors. Be someone people want to work with by working hard at all times. When stuff gets tricky, ask questions because doing the job properly is more important than your pride.

And remember, hours/dives/jobs mean nothing if your a liar/backtalker or not a team player.

Your only as good as your last dive.
I graduate school shortly. I live and want to work off shore out of Louisiana. I consider myself a hard worker, but i ask questions about what im doing, not because i dont want to do the work, but because I try to gain more and more knowledge about what im doing. Is it okay to ask questions and be questionable as to what im or someone else is doing? Or will that just aggravate everyone?
whats the best way to get started after graduiation in this industry
do not send out a resume and wait for a phone call. drive to the company and see the man. tell them you're available immidiately and have all your gear.
I Just Went to three dive companies today however their not hiring at the moment does any one have any leads ?
Stay focused, if diving is what you really want to do, you will find a job. It may not be as glamorous as yer school will say but it will be work. And quit worring about if your gonna get wet with the company, its what they hired you for, need to check your competency topside to see if you can work underwater. Once a company feels comfortable with your topside work, ya just might make a good tender, and after that.....Hmmm. Understand it is a huge liability to put a human in the water, Don't rush and don't even bother with THE question, it will make you work topside even longer. Hope this helps.......JH


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