Starting a NON ADCI dive school. Veteran Owned and Operated Looking for input.

Ok Crew, Im at it again. TIme for divers to stand up and stand out! I have been working on this for awhile. The only way we can retake this industry is to re write the standards being taught. I am looking for former NAVY, ARMY, COAST GUARD, and MARINE DIVING Instructors to assist in creating a real world diver training program.

256-312-9503, e-mail 

No smart ass comments, please no student or rookie comments at this time. Sr. Divers and former instructors ONLY.

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When the school in LA Harbor started it was the CDC, then it went to the college of oceneering both owened by Jim Joiner, He sold it to two individuals ( forgot their names).  They were in it just for the money.  They in turn sold it to a college or university.  One of the worse things they did was to fire the best instructor because he was training the students to be divers and he was, in their eyes to rough on them.  the college closed the LA campus and now I understand it was bought by a police officer.  My question is, did he buy all the equipment or just the property, who does he have as instructors.  How long will the course be and will they be teaching mixed gas.  How many certifed instructors will there be?  To teach in CA you have to have a vocatuional educators cert.  The last two I know of, are Tom Anglin and Bobby Cave and I know Bobby is retired and I don't know where Tom went.  Who will build his curriculm?  There are a lot of questions he has to contend with.  There is more to starting a school then opening the doors and saying  "come on in".  


National Polytechnic ran it into the ground.

They also lost the lease on there waterfront facilities and the port would not renew.

National then invested in a Navy surplus covered barge and built classrooms, chamber facilities and I believe a moon pool to dive through.

They did not take it to there San Diego school.

Also the word on the street is the dive helmets went for a walk.

I would say the police office bought a pig in a poke.

Also how do you make a little money with a diving school? You start with a lot$$$$.

Ops Willie I went there before it was called Commerciaql Dive Center (CDC) the orginaly CDC stood for Childers Diving Corporation (CDC) derived from its founder former U.S.Navy Master Diver Houston Childers. In 1971 it cost $1250. to attend for a 3 1/2 month course then Jim Joiner got the bright idea to turn it into a college thus stretching the program out like  colleges do and upping the price for students. So what it now costs students somewhere around $20,000 to $30,000 before they are trained then they can hold a hose and have a diploma-still dont even get a dive hat that will cst another $6700. Are we having fun yet?

Yep ! I am did 3 hrs bottom time this morning. I love being a Diver, especially a old one.

Got me a Gig for a company here in Gadsden, for the USACOE. to kick off in a few days,Forgot howmuch paperwork the Gov't required. Caall me later ACE.
Roger Jerry. You havent seen paperwork till you see what paperwork we generate-un believeable just unbelieveable!!
Ok let me clarify a few things. When National bought the school they sill had instructors like Gerson, Todd Meloy, and Lamar Howard. Lamar Howard is a former SWRMC diver for the USN and has more experience than anyone Ive ever met. He tought me everyting I know. These are some of the most elite military and law enforcement divers in the world. I recomend you get in touch with Lamar if you want to be sucesful in telling the ADC to go jump off a bridge. This man has the location knowledge and backing to make it happen. if you have questions hit me back. im on shore for another week. I think it would be in your best interest to talk to my boys. They have been there done that and they love divers and will help you out. God bless.

Who;s stuck, NP or the Harbor?

Maybe theres a way to get the gear. Let me know.

Id be willing to help yo out, 4 years marine corps, 2 yrs navy reserve, been diving offshore since 84. Holding an adc mixed gas card, spent last 7 years as supervisor. Give me a call, Russ  813-770-9283



Thanks Russ I'll add you to the list. I know it will take work and willing cooperation with many in the field. My Goal is real time training not the "BS youll be hired right out of school as a Diver...."

I am Placement Director and the info I give these people going out into the real world is " you will be starting off at the bottom of the of the ladder and don't expect anyone to give you anything".  You can't tell them you will be making 90,000 the first year.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement and if you B/S them it will come back to you.


At least your one of the few honest ones.... THanks


Willy always gives it to you straight. Whether you like it or not! The world needs more people who will do that for you cuz your mama's not always gonna be there for you to powder your butt at the end of the day. Thanks willy.


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