Starting a NON ADCI dive school. Veteran Owned and Operated Looking for input.

Ok Crew, Im at it again. TIme for divers to stand up and stand out! I have been working on this for awhile. The only way we can retake this industry is to re write the standards being taught. I am looking for former NAVY, ARMY, COAST GUARD, and MARINE DIVING Instructors to assist in creating a real world diver training program.

256-312-9503, e-mail 

No smart ass comments, please no student or rookie comments at this time. Sr. Divers and former instructors ONLY.

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National Polytechnics dive school closed down in LA harbor, California and they are stuck with a fully outfitted training barge with double lock chambers etc.

used to be know as College of Oceaneering.

You do know that to make a little money with a dive school you must first start with a lot.


Hello Fred yes I know what you are saying here. Just a note from the field CDA here in the Jacksonville area from what I could count has about 100 students currently going to school to become commercial divers. If my math serves me right that's somewhere around $2,000,000. in gross income coming in from their current program.  Nothing is easy and of course their overhead has to cost big time to keep it going. Their school is a well oiled machine from start to finish. No wonder National Polytechnics went out of business there.
This school will be the first real world school using old school and military training formats. Since the USCG has informed me that the ADCI IS NOT a Government sanctioned agency their methods are by default self serving. I want to take at least a year to put this together, and return our waters to the divers who live in it. Businesses can compete with the divers again to make a living. Divers will be paid for their skills, not the ADC logo! Uncle Sam has Vet Programs that will get us off the ground, affordable tuition and un-wasted training time will support the rest. When I finally Shelf my hat or one of my sons chooses to take it up, Ill be able to do my part in continuing and reviving the old school training and ethics we used to teach and learn. No Politics and no cut throat ethics.
In my 23 years Bill, I never remember seeing 2 man teams and never worked on a team with less than 5. I have dove navy tables since I was 18. Im 44 now. Its funny that the ADC standard is only a copy of Government Doc**ents ( Minimum and very Dangerous standards). The lifestyle has suffered greatly since the rise of the ADCI (the I referring to the Asian Countries now on the Board) most who use SCUBA (the recent addition to the Concensus) which by the way has added the danger of foreign divers working US waters for alot less than tender wages. My hope is to eliminate the ADC from the picture entirely and allow the OGP and other groups to see divers for what the ADC has hidden. We are the blood of this business, not the businesses on the ADC board. Responsible divers maintain a safety standard higher than the ADC. Why, because in every third section of the Concensus, theres a form doc**ent that releases the ADC from any liability of injury or death diving by the "Standard" the Concensus, if you examine it Very Closely is merely a doctored up compilation of Federal Doc**ents currently required to be  maintained by the USCG, OSHA, NEDU & ACOE.  The ADC illegally charges individuals small and corporate businesses in violation of federal law for Bound Government forms in a Notably Red Jacket ( the red referring to a warning ). I plan to offer old school training in a government compliant format that exceeds the current standard. Divers are not equipment and should not be associated or classed as equal to or below equipment. Ive read UW for years, and have never agreed with a corporation speaking for me when I live my work, I dont do it from a board room far from danger. When the ADC is stripped of its imagined power and divers stand up, the only thing that will change is wage and security increases. I can guarantee that. Fair winds Brother

I started in this business after I retired from the Navy in 1975. I worked for Santa Fe Underwater Engineering in Houma, LA.  Didn't like the Gulf, so I came to work at a commercial dive school in Seattle.  I have taken a few sabaticals and worked for inland companies.  Come July I will have been here 36 years, so I do know a little about Dive schools.  I've seen them come and go.  Everyone seems to think the ADCI is an association for divers, it is not. It is for the Contractors as the name implys.  I  have found over the years, divers do not stick together.  They are out for themselves.  If the divers want representation then they should look into a union.  It works out here in Seattle.  Starting a school takes a lot of money.  It will be several years before financial aid can be applied for.  You have to be accredited by a nationally recognized agency.  I know what makes a school go and what doesn't.  I know what students need and what they don't.  A person goes into business to make money.  So it is with a school.  You have to run it as a business, not something that is out to put an outfit out of business.  Think of the students first, then figure a way around the agency you are fighting.  Jiust about everything the ADCI prints is Public Domain.  Anyone can use it, as there is no copywrite attached.   Let me know if you want to discuss this further.  You can reach me at  or 425-923-7810.

Willy Wilson


Thanks Willy, Ill be in touch soon.


A big A+ Mr.Willy Wilson you are a true stand up guy it is an honor to be in the same industry with you.
5'3" don't get you very high'
5'3" in stature and a giant among your peers.

I am glad after the Navy I was a student of Sly, he is the most knowledgeable dive instructor or diver my sorry bubbleass has had the pleasure of meeting, and I met a s***load, Mikey Thorton was another great instructor I had, but different "diving" and if Sylvester  ever comes to the Philippines for vacation, the beer is on me. Had to put that out Willie, payback for finals where you gave me a mild heart attack. Because of Willy, I survived 6 companies in the gulf, my own small dive company and over 4000 logged dives. Some short some not. But his knowledge kept me safe. I thank you sir.

Sgt. Howard of the Long Beach Harbor Patrol bought it. He plans to re-open it shortly with the help of some of the former instructors. F*** Naational University. BTW :-)
Bought the school in LA?


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