Please admin. do something about kenny regans account this is digusting

Please admin. do something about kenny regans account this is really digusting

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I fully agree, however this all shows more regarding the lack of most elementary decency that Kenny got. The absolute missing of a basic human standard.
And remember:
Never argue with an idiot, they drag you to their own level and beat you with experience…
KM ( Garry)
Done. If Kenny wants to rejoin, he can email me:
Err..I'm guessing that the guy probably left himself logged-in to a shared computer, and got 'd***ed'. You banned him for that?
Good point. I will email him directly and make sure that that is the case.

We do not want to ban people if they make a simple mistake.

Man --------even if his computer has a gay porn virus attacking all the forums he's a member of , The only way to protect the integrity of the forum is to shut it down until he gets it fixed.
Wow what happened here? Looks like someone went on my account.
Admin I changed my password also...
Yea I'm pretty sure someone at CDA logged into my s***.
I must have left my info saved on one of the computers.

Out of curiosity what happened?
Kenny.Doug And all of the above,
I m not taking a stab here But then agian I have to. I look at this way Kenny If you are tending a diver and "All the sudden" leave your post for be it what so ever with no turn over and so on you your self have just left a life in hanging!!Take this as a lesson in life! the next lesson could be bad! God forebid As it could be some elses life at the end of a hose!!!!!!!!!!! Pay Attention to Detail!!!!! Learn what you can in school then learn everything you can in the field
Not sure, but we got you back online. Just make sure to 'sign out' when you're done. Sorry if some of your postings were deleted. Welcome back.


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