i recently contacted NYD concerning their Part 1 offshore diver course, and what they told me was shocking, that getting a visa for the 4months course is almost close to impossible, they even gave me an instance of a student after meeting all the requirements, yet was denied visa and he kept trying for 3 years. but in the end NYD advised him to give up and try elsewhere.Is Norway selective in giving its visas for study purposes?

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You maybe better off getting dive training in Britain. I don't know if it is easy to get a student visa there however; you would be trained to the international standards. Unless things have changed since I did my research. In other words do some research before you jump in with both feet.

NYD is definitely 'training to International standards'- the Tickets are as accepted worldwide as the HSE.

I would consider a Norwegian Diving school which brings students from Scuba up to Bell bounce Diving to be well ahead of the curve. The only other way to get Bell bounce training is to spend about £20k on a Saturation Course. Admittedly a Niche market, but there are companies out there who do Bell Bounce, and the money is usually pretty good. (my first job after getting my SAT ticket was Bell bounce, and if I remember rightly, we were getting around €900 for a couple of hours work a day).
If I had my time over again, I'd go to NYD in a heartbeat- the Noggies were very instrumental in taking Offshore Diving into the 20th (and 21st centuries)- they are well worth listening to...

whats pdc? and nyd is the school in norway i guess?

PDC is a Diving School in Durban, South Africa:


NYD is the Norwegian State Diving school near Oslo. I believe there's also one in Bergen, but I don't think it does cla**** in English anymore...

NYD: http://www.nyd.org/cgi-bin/nyd/imaker?id=538&visdybde=1&akt...


          How much did you spend at  "SCL Com Diving School" and what certification did You receive?


You posted the following; http://tinyurl.com/dxeab2n


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"Hello diving community I'm currently in SCL Com Diving School and wanted to get a head start on some networking. I would like any info on Jobs being offered and/or companies to go for, things i should look out for etc. I am open to any and all suggestions.. I'm a sponge. Thanks"

yo joseph whats up are you really curious? or just trying to hammer away at me?

I thought NYD was a new sex disease, this poor fellow has contacted it.

nick dont be a prick ;)


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