Hello Everybody,

I am wondering what people opinions are on these two options.
Going to the Navy they pay you $25k to go to Dive school
At CDA I would be paying $25k.

Can I get some feedback on this.

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That to kiss you both can kiss my Irish ass big ha ha. Now we have to Acadiana thta so the act of kissing tards do not understand? HA HA HA.

Really, these guys suck you guys in, they are the road 35ers who play the games.

Why do you think they pose the question the way and in context of how they did.

Kiss me directing brothers, my guys are bored s***!. Holy s*** I'm pissed. Jegerbombs and car bombs. Damn I did better.

Ok I must go to confession now. Goodnight lovley

Google translate. I got 18% in French when I was in school. I talk many good england words now though.
Google translate??? And here I was gonna give u all some credit, haha. Its ok, as long as u get ur point across lol. Dont make me whip out Spanish and Hebrew !!!!
Kwamba kiss you wawili wanaweza kiss ass big Kiayalandi wangu ha ha. Sasa tunatakiwa Acadiana kwamba ili kitendo cha kissing tards hawaelewi? HA HA HA.

Kweli, hizi guys you guys Suck katika, wao ni barabara 35ers ambao kucheza michezo.

Kwa nini unadhani swali pose njia na katika muktadha wa jinsi walivyofanya.

Kiss me kuongoza ndugu, wangu ni kuchoka guys s***!. S*** takatifu I'm pissed. Jegerbombs na mabomu ya gari. Damn I did bora.

Any guesses?

there's quite a few upbeat articles around recently. Could be the start of the return.

"Oh Lord, please give me one last Oil Boom- I promise I won't piss this one up the wall!"

"weel weel, ahl beseein dee bhuy".

Any guesses to that one, then?! (I'm getting a drink, I've wasted me life)
close, actually! Shetland dialect!
that'll be the western Isles, with their funny 'Gaelic' stuff! (I'm guessing this only because Peterhead isn't an island)

I've heard of 'whiskey galore' does that count?!
I worked with a guy in the U.K. that spoke Gaelic not sure what is worst trying to understand him on coms or my son in law from the Highlands!!
Billy Wignall, now of BS Diving? Was that with Dulams by any chance?
I would say check out Louisiana Tech College in Morgan City, I start in April this year but its a state run and funded school so they dont have those outrageous costs around $3300 bucks I believe but even that is covered in grant money due to the fact that they dont participate in the student loan program I found out this week. Two years ago I was enrolling in CDA all the way to the end to find out I needed several loans to cover all the cost, LTC has a waiting list though I have been waiting for the last year, I hope this helps some, good luck


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