National University has a fully accredited Commercial Dive School!

I am an instructor at National University and am here to answer questions and raise awareness of our Commercial Dive Program!

Did you know that National University Polytechnic Institute has a fully accredited Commercial Dive Program?  With their certifications you will be able to step into an exciting career in the commercial diving industry! The Commercial Diving Program, offers two specialties for you to choose from focusing on either Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine (DMT) or Underwater Inspection Technology (NDT).  Regardless of which specialty you choose, all students are trained to the American Welding Society's underwater welding code (AWS).  Also, since National University is a regionally accredited institution; your credits will hold academic weight for use at other institutions. This also provides our students with the ability to receive the full amount of Veteran’s and Federal Financial Aid benefits that they qualify for.  All questions can be answered by calling the toll free number, (800) 432-3483.  If after hours, please leave a message and they will get back to you.

I will try to field as many questions as I can on here also!  Let em fly!

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I support any commercial dive school that can pass one test, the most important test of all, the Gainful Employment Test; before said school can qualify to accept federal student aid.  The test is very simple, can your graduates find meaningful employment upon graduation and after graduation, to the extent that they can support them selves, a potential family, and pay back their student loans in a timely manner? 

Schools that offer training that will lead to a career that will provide for the aforementioned will not need federal student aid on an exclusive basis, private lenders will make loans to prospective students because they will review the industry and verify if any prospective student can earn enough in wages to pay back their loan and avoid default.  No school that trains students to work in an industry that see's a 90% wash out rate should qualify to accept federal student aid of any kind on the behalf of any student, period.  Most of those who graduate dive schools like yours and others will: a) never get started in the industry, and or b) not remain in the industry after 3 years. There are two basic reasons for this high failure rate, one, the graduate should never have been accepted as a student in the first place and two, there are way too many divers coming out of school as compared to the number of available jobs.

There are way tooooo many dive schools graduating way toooo many "commercial" divers, reducing the safety and quality of the industry.  The last thing anyone needs is another "accredited" dive school.


Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Mexico......

That's about right!!

** Full-Time job posting this morning ** 

Qualifications: Basic SCUBA, High school diploma (or equivalent),


^^ hahaha you only need to be PADI to get the job..  thusly, you wouldnt even need to go to Polywhatever dive school

Qualifications: Basic SCUBA, High school diploma (or equivalent), and one of the following:

One (1) year animal training experience


Operational and navigation experience on small boats (30’ or under), USCG license (operator of un-inspected passenger vessels/6pac – 46 CFR 10.467) or higher/U.S. Navy Coxswain’s certification, and Operational experience using maritime navigational devices


Advanced scuba diving certifications (i.e. dive master, instructor, commercial diver certification, 1st or 2nd class Navy Diver classification), and current First Aid and CPR certification,


Two (2) years of college and 3 months experience as a marine mammal custodian

I guess I can see why it maybe hard to not get a job when you don't pay full attention to detail. I agree you wouldn't need to go to this school for this job but you do need more then basic scuba and a high school diploma (or equivalent)

Per say how much does this marine mammal custodian job pay in wages, and what are the benefits??  What are the chances for promotion?  Is this is a full time job or part time job?


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Francisco, I am a graduate of your school and I need a new dive diploma mine is misplaced can you help me? 

I will message you.


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