Does anyone dive Mark V's anymore? I met a couple of people in Florida this Spring that dove the Mark V's as a hobby. Are Mark V'ers now purely hobbiest?

Wild looking contraptions, but they sure don't seem to break down!

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I heard there is a company out in the bay area that still does due to the suit's weight and high currents through the bay...
Don Inmad used a modified Mark V and I had him down 220' on Gas on the back of DB # 10 with a 3 not current running holding on to a headache ball to keep him from floating to the surface and exploding, The dive before Wayne Willet was down at the end of the cable on the headache ball and lost his grip I put a 30 # shackle on his hose and it keep him from floating to the Top. I have photos on my page if you intrusted
The 75 year Old Deep sea Diver H L Doc Toca
The Norweigians still use Standard gear on Inshore jobs, I believe, albeit with a bailout and all other 'mod cons'. Maybe get in contact with the Diving School in Bergen, if you're interested. I'm also fairly sure that there are countries in the far East that still use them- you can buy brand new Japanese hard-hats. Not Mk. 5's, but similar...
I teach the Chino Divers how to use the Mark V and Kirby style Yokohama. I have had two students swim on the surface non-stop one mile in the MK-V. I doubt if some of you could do it in a 17.
Standard Gear is still used in Europe and Asia if you know how to drive standard gear you can dive anything.
I worked in it over 45 years and its the best gear you will ever use it out performs tupperware.


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