If you are a recent graduate and are living in South Florida send me your resume if you want some on call work. I'm compiling a list of guys that are going to be available for non-permanent on call. 

send to eyespysean@yahoo.com (att Sean)  

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What company are you with and what kind of diving do you do?

this is what it sounds like to me:

recent graduate = low wages, s*** jobs. im thinking scuba/hookah maybe SS yacht scrubs marina work.

compile an on call list = burned bridges with all previous employees.

living in south florida = work once every 6-12 days, no chance of per diem

also, personal email address not business email, and no mention of company name or type of work. probably not a fully legit company.

dont like what i said- prove me wrong.

turn out to be a well paying legitimate business that works safe and has a good relationship with its clients and employees.

Don't forget about scam artists fishing for personal information.  

Puppies!  Be very careful about what you give to who!

You present yourself as a great potential employer. 

OK let me try this again. 

Poseidon International is a commercial diving and marine engineering company with an already existing dive team. We are new to the area.  

We are looking to for people already in the area of South Florida that want some extra work. They would be on a call list, if we get more work in than we are able to safely man we would go down the list and if your available great if not that is fine.

We have new equipment all around and take safety very seriously. We do not use hooka nor do we cut corners which is why we are trying to build this list so our ability to safely man jobs with qualified people is up to par. 

I am not offering full time positions because we dont need another full time diver/tender. That may change in the future.

This position would be best filled by a newly graduated Tender/Diver. Most of the work we do is specialty work and in the regard of keeping our clients happy most of the diving would be done by our already trained and proven divers. Opportunities to dive will be available if the conditions of the job allow it. 

SO,  if you are interested in WORKING please send me a resume with an expected hourly rate. We pay overtime after 8 hours a day. 

Candidates will be dealt with honestly and fairly with respect to payment and what to expect from this opportunity. 

That sounds alright!

But whats with this expected hourly rate ? I personally hate hearing that in anyjob...

What are YOU offering as a wage, you offer the rate and its up to me to either take it or leave it. I dont know what you pay your guys, I dont wanna come in and say Ill take 20 when all the other guys are making 30 or if I say 30 and everyone is making 20 you throw my resume in the shredder.

In the past I have found companies who take this approach are looking for cheap labour so between you and me Sean what is the number you have in your head to pay a diver ?

Will, thank you for your reply. This position is geared for a newly graduated tender. The starting rate would be around 15 an hour with OT after 8 hours per day. 

cheers for the straight answer sean

Pretty much the same going rate for the gulf.. Hell I've seen new NFG taking $14.50 now

sorry to go for the throat, good luck work safe.

Is the FL worker's comp [for divers] rate still in excess of the diver's wage?

One of the benefits of hiring freelancers is that they typically carry their own worker's comp insurance, saving their "employers" a significant piece of change, so freelancers should supposedly get a higher wage.

All I can find (after a brief look-see) for FL worker's comp rates is:

7394 Diving, Salvage, Wrecking--Marine $13.10
7395 Diving, Salvage, Wrecking--Marine $14.56
7398 Diving, Salvage, Wrecking--Marine $20.65

How would those rates be higher than the pay rate? Im offering 15 an hour for a newly certed tender/diver? 

A free lance is not required to carry insurance for contract work, nor would that be a typical scenario for a diver to pay for their own?

By the way looking at workmans comp as a pay scale guideline is a huge red flag for any future contract holder.  


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