Kuzeyin Marine Turkish Company has the second incident in Georgia with the result of killing two divers.

Last year they had the same incident and one diver was badly injured from the explosion. This time they killed two divers. 

People responsible for the incident are still free......


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first thing first never and I mean never weld on something unless you know what is on the other side! Tanks, pipe lines, ships that carry fuel must be clean and checked before welding start. If you are the welder you should know this it is up to you to know these thing before welding because it is your life in your own hands when you start to weld on something that has fuel or oil in it. The two diver that got killed should have went and checked were and what they were welding on before they even got in the water!
Y'know... If this had been a couple of dumb rednecks in the GOM, I'm pretty sure someone would be posting " Goddammit...can't we have some respect for the fallen brother...none of you knew the true story, and I'm not going to tell you it- let's wait for the coastguard report before someone says anything..."
But theyre just a couple of Turks, so they get a posthumous lecture on how to weld. Bravo, my friend.
About brother Barone and his safety talk I didnt hear one thing wrong with it thats what your suppost to do especially if you ever expect to be a senior diving dude. I love being a diver especially an older one! Can you say crusty old diver ?Arrrr!


According to the preliminary reports, during the under water works, after putting into motion a welder, likely gas acc**ulated into the sank vessel, or oil products exploded that caused the accident.

So the people responsible for the incident?

I think what I said was right and as fare as it being two red-necks I would have said the same f***ing thing a******. I already think there is too many people on this planet already so sorry if I don't get all choked up when a Diver bits the dust!

well said mike
Buddhism is a great teaching and you are right cause and effect is the way s*** plays out. Don't get me wrong if some one was in need of help I would do everything in my power to help them no matter were or who they were, But diver that die doing what they love to do well that is how I would want to go so that is why I do not get all sad for them, no need!


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