im going to Commercial Diving Academy, jacksonvill, florida in feb. anybody have anything to say about this school? i cant seem to find anything online about them.

I want some outside info on this school before I drop 26k on it I’m set up to go through the air\mix course and the dive medic training along with the sport scuba instructor all of my gear for the commercial and the scuba side are in this price as is the books and dorm and food expenses wile attending the 7 month course. Am I getting ripped!! Or is this a great school?

Thanks to all that reply!

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Are there any other cheaper schools out there that have housing that’s a big deal for me right now I recently lost my license and will not get it back until Aug 2011. Chuck BK has not been an option for me sense I was 15 I’ve been a pipe fitter/welder for the last ten years. If I’m not able to find any diving work I'll just jump back into my old routine and hit up the shut downs.

Im going to have one of my tenders answer this he just went there this year


they are very full of themselves and it is expensive, the plus is you get alot of dive time in s***ty water good experience. good class time dosen't mean s*** but makes you know your s***. but it is very expensive. if your pressed for money go someplace cheaper of you can make the payments go for it.

when are u headed there? im going there in january...

i was going to start on Jan 31st but this problem with my license has mad me push the date to Feb 28th. have you resurched other schools? 


Sounds like a great time I can’t wait to get started! Every job I do I give it 200% I don’t care if it’s cleaning a toilet. So I think I’ll be fine and get a new pic you look like one of those cowboys from Broke Back Mountain

i didnt mean anything by it Dale i was just kidding! but seriusly i give 200% to everything i do  i built docks for 3 years iv been in those dead end canals without any gear so i know what dirtty is.

What would you care what he looked like your just going to be choking a hose for the next 4 years anyway that is if you can ever get to some school without a drivers license. Your sinking and you havent even got to school yet-heck kids in high school have drivers licenses.


u dumbass redneck! I’m not going to have my license for the time I’m in school. I’m going to be living on campus and my wife is going to bring me up there. When I graduate I get it back! Can u not read? Has all that diving and being Mr. Bad ass swelled your head up so bad you can’t see?

what the hell is your problem! everyone has to start out somewhere. just because you have been doing this a long time doesnt mean that someone else cant do it just as well...seriously... what the hell is your problem??? im just getting into it as well..ive been a hard worker my entire life and im not about to stop now. just because 5 percent of people who graduate decide to keep working at it doesnt mean that Red or myself wont make it...cant wait to be tending the hose for 4 years on a DSV.

yes. ive talked to every dive school in the US. seattle was the only one i didnt talk to because the drive was just too far for me. i live in MI now and have wanted to move south for sometime. CDA just seemed like they really had their s*** together. talked to the schools in NJ, SC, and texas. they all just seemed cheap and wanted your money. i could be wrong but everyone that ive talked to at CDA were just good people and wanted to help me get into this. ive been diving since i was 12 years old and been welding since the same age. ive done construction and metal fab for a living for a long time. just figured this would be a good point to start and work on a DSV and see the world. cant wait. look me up when you get there man. hope to see you in Feb! good luck with your license.

will do! marry christmas bro, i look forword to seeing you there.


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