Hi, Divers.

Someone recommend hull cleaning machine which has good reputation.


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I am in South Korea.
Our currently asked vessel is 250,000gt.
Hi, view umc.co.uk for mini pamper cleaning cart.

Feel free to contact me and I will forward your enquiry to our sales rep.

Has anyone ran into Mark Rogers of Sea Vac International cleaning systems?.


I have contacted UMC.

Very thanks again.

you can also call HYDREX they have a few styles of hull cleaners one you can ride and clean and one you can drive like an ROV

Any diver right out of shool

Learn to spell sir.

umc mini pamper.

also umc are very helpful or have been with me over the years

the only hull cleaning equipment i ever used  came from the local hardware the mk I spade was the weapon of choice

Try this one on for size for hull cleaning.

100 grain primer cord ,weaved into a net ( like a cargo net ) strung under the ships hull, fore and aft and spaced 12 inchs off the hull plate with X type plastic spacers.

BANG - hull 100% clean.

Ships valves and hull plate must be in good condition for obvious reasons.

Old tramp steamer would go straight to the bottom, brite side now ya got a salvage job.


It helps if you shave the back of your legs behind your knee caps and use vaseloine, also put vasoline lube around your arm pit area that gets chafed.  


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