HELP........Thinking of going to Commercial diving school....PLE .HELP.........

im thinking of going to CDA school of jacksonville in FL.Im 32 and im  a plant operater,you no the one that sits on my butt all the time looking at computer screens.....i have been doing that for 2 1/2 years....i been in construction befor that..welding,fab work,rigging,Iron worker.pipe,and so on.but i want to be a Commercial diver really bad  more less a under water welder ,,damn that looks so cool...but i hear bad things on how hard it is to get a job and the pay sucks..I don't want a SCHOOL teacher to tell me that it is all good and that i don't have to worry about anything lmao right ....sure..i live in south carolina and i make about 17 a hour..sitting on my butt..i would like to hear it from the real divers ,how much is the pay for the 1st year..i mean i got bill to.and how much traveling it is.i have a little 6 year old girl,And how hard it is to find a job.ples. tell me befor i try and get a 28k school loan .....BIG step for me ....ty so much..i really want to do this .........but i need to know the facts....ty

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Getting a loan with the current job market wouldn't be a wise decision. You said you were a dry welder, this can be a jumpstart. If times are slow you can take jobs as a drywelder on barges etc I have a friend, a freelancer, and does the same thing. During winters he welds and when the water gets warmer he starts diving again. good luck
You bet thats the way to go make it hot.
wow nice replys going to talk to a school tues and hit them up with every thing i learned here so ty for all the help and i see that the only way is if i want to dive is just to go do it and dont worry.....
Flynn I think we (you and me) are beginning to get kinda synical in our good time replys and career experiences oh well thats life . Its kinda hard to point someone in the right direction without mentioning the negative, good bad and the ugly hun.
Mike thank you for pointing that out actually my spelling is off I want to say a word that is like that meaning "Right ? or what! or there what do you think or say what" do you have the correct spelling on that ?
Can you help me out on that one Mike ? thanks.

Yes oh hell yes Mike its time to go diving its beginning to make me cranky attitude too much idleness.
Mike I still didnt get the right word however roger that roger like
roy,dale and trigger-got it ?
ACE, A rose in your rod quiver ??????????????
there is a school in SC that is supposed to be pretty good also
i went to divers academy international
International Diving Institute N Charleston - I went there.
hey Steve.
You wondered why so many of us are diving if we are complaining about it. Like Bill said bro, its gotta be in your veins.
I personally like the sort of tranquility that comes with being in the water, I mean most of the time its dark, drty s***ty hard sometimes noisy work. Every now and again though you get too look up a moment and its perfect vis and you see something friggin magical. or I just like hearing my own breathing until the damn sup cuts in on the comms. Just going out and hanging out with the crew. Which is a big part of it, I mean if you get on with your crew they will become some of your best friends. so you go out with the boys, do some fufilling work and get paid for it, and when you have made it then you get paid nicely!
I mean we all have our reason of why we dive but mostly its becuase we couldnt really think about doing anything else. I have taken a step back from diving for alittle while myself its been almost a year since my last job and I have been doing some welding certs since then but its funny bro not a week has gone by that I dont dream about being in the water at least once. My gf is sick of hearing about it hahahahaha!

If its all you can see yourself doing then go for it. That morgan city school is supppsed to be cheap some of the guys here are saying that.

And you dont have to go offshore, you can make a steady cash flow working inland and good cash too. It depends on the companies. up here in canada it depends if they are union or non union, union companies pay pretty good and you get the benefits and such of the union. You probably wont be gone for mroe then a month on a job without making a stop at home for a couple days at least.
I have a friend he works a 5 day a week 10 hour day schedual for a civils company, home on the weekends clears his 5 grand a month. Decent gig. Also if you do go out of town for a extended stay you will probably work longer hours and 7 days a week hauling in ncie over time.
The way I see it, if you want to do this and see your daughter grow up. Make a decent living and dive, and if you dont have dreams of going Sat (some inshore companies run Sat, not many though) Then stay inshore.
the one nice thing about inshore too is that there is a serious veriaty of work. So your always being tested
Right on Wills-It don't get any better-a perfect moment-

hahaha they say pictures speak a thousand words. Beautiful man, just perfect! :)


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