YESTERDAY A DIVING CO. POSTED A REQUIREMENT FOR A DIVER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR FOREIGN DISPATCH-OVER 70 RESPONSES NO-ONE HAD THEIR VACCINATIONS CURRENT.!.! As you know-different foreign countries require proof of innoculation for admission to their country/theatre of operations. IE. Yellow Fever, Ch***ra, Typhus, Dengue Fever, Small Pox, Tetanus....etc. Even Local-- Tetanus, Gamma Glob, etc. Don't get caught with your pants down again!!!

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Replies to This Discussion you didn't want the job. That's fine. But there's a big world out there that doesn't work the same way that you think it should. It sounds like you don't want to work outside the US. Your choice, but you are missing out on a lot, especially when there's work out there for those who want it.
I have my own business-me-I chose to work internationally because I enjoy it. I don't care too much about american geo-political issues, I know its harder for me to work in the states, but have on many occassions at the invitation of employers over the years. Stuart I'm sure is familiar with the norske, dutch, etc, sectors of the North Sea beyond his native Scotland. There are rules in each area, compliance is the admission ticket, all over the world - If you don't like it either change the rules or don't play-just don't whine about it.
As a Free Lancer, you are your own business hence the 1099 issued at the end of the year. How old are you Diver? School is only a stepping stone, Big boys maintain their own toys. Welfare is the reason this industry is suffering. You want top dollar and a new dry suit? What should you be responsible for?
I've only ever been to Louisiana once, and the women in NOLA all had teeth! get the job done? are you what's called a 'Hammer' then?
Serve you right, Stuart-har-har-har!
Yea, I hammer on wives day and night. Especially when I'm working at a concert doing the rigging of sound and lighting and all the groupies are asking me for backstage pa****... that's when its what I call "HAMMER TIME!"

Strippers in Louisiana with teeth? You gotta be kidding me! You want quality stick to Oregon and Nevada
Only oil I ever saw in O-re-gone, was being pumped from the ground, only diving I ever saw in Nevada was Muff>>>
I dont know why anyone would want to work in the country where you live anyway!!
correct me if i am wrong, but If your american and work in the GOM as a diver you earn what US$200/day? minus taxes you pay to your country!
if you work anywhere else internationally (middle east/SEA, etc) starting rate for an air diver is US$350/day and in the north sea its double that.. but the kicker is you pay NO TAX!!
i cant seem to understand why more people arent jumping up and down to go work abroad....?!
If the offers were legit and posted, we'd all be havin drinks on the plane right now...THe only offers Ive gotten, were from Seattle Diving, and two un confirmed E-mails from the west coast.
300+ is welcomed pay if it were made verifiably visable to us....
So what happened to loyalty, I held my last job for over 20 years and have retired from it. I hear of and see divers bouncing from company to company because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The concept of getting your s*** together for better pay in another market might make sense to a job hopper. The $200 per day in the GOM, um yea, let's try doubling that then adding depth pay to that figure for the GOM. So I suppose that I should hurry and leave my employer before they see I've gained any experience and insure there is no chance of promotion once they see my skills and abilities. By all means run before any one gets the opportunity to put you into their company retirement program. So the way I'm looking at it If you continue to improve skills and knowledge and are ready to go as required and are loyal to your employer then you have your s*** together and might be looking at a future instead of just the next job. Although when it's slow doesn't mean that a heads up to the company operations manager, loyalty wouldn't stop one from going on a job like this. It would be good to see more folks plan for the future instead of the next day. I suppose this is a concept that comes to light when one hits middle age.
Colin & Kenneth, Many jobs working internationally offer wider experiences and travel opportunities, as well as tax benefits-dependent on your country of origin/passport issuer-and they are all different. One of the downsides is there is seldom occassion to develop company loyalty as most jobs are specific to the contract. ie lease of dv vessel c/w dive system leases for a specific contract location and duration by contractor crewed by a diver placement agency. At the end of the contract you have to find another job as the contact has completed and a 'new' contractor has leased the vessel for different work at a new location with different crewing requirements. The days of working foreign offshore for one company long term are disappearing and short term contract becoming more the norm. When I hit middle age fortunately I had built up a saleble resume and contact base to keep me rolling, as well as research skills that kept me current with upcoming contract opportunities.


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