YESTERDAY A DIVING CO. POSTED A REQUIREMENT FOR A DIVER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR FOREIGN DISPATCH-OVER 70 RESPONSES NO-ONE HAD THEIR VACCINATIONS CURRENT.!.! As you know-different foreign countries require proof of innoculation for admission to their country/theatre of operations. IE. Yellow Fever, Ch***ra, Typhus, Dengue Fever, Small Pox, Tetanus....etc. Even Local-- Tetanus, Gamma Glob, etc. Don't get caught with your pants down again!!!

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F*** em all! They should have the work in the USA! Bring the work home! If you don't likemy post f*** off. Matthew Houston 360-314-5117
Freelance my ass. Unless you are your own business the company must pay pay for everything. That's what being in a union is about. We want a higher wage don't we? So our wage goes up because we have to pay for shi? That's bull s***. Companies should pay for it all. You wanna pay for certs you must be rich or just like wasting $
It comes down to those that would have taken the job, and those that wouldn't. Seems that there was a load of guys that would have taken it that were caught unawares. They can take this as a part of the learning curve.

"They should have the work in the USA! Bring the work home!"

Yeah, inconsiderate bastards! How dare they have oil in West Africa!
So we should just send everyone overseas or what? Are you some yankeeObama supporter? Drill in the US right here where the work is in our back yard. Maybe we should just pay out the ass for everything. In fact, let's just startmore wars while were at it... f*** west africa.
Obama is too wishy-washy. He should have just railroaded that Health reform Bill through without all this fluffing about. And as for the offshore drilling- well, there's loads of that already in the Gulf, He should be supporting the overseas market more.
I'm probably not as educated about the liar's politics as I should be, but I had heard he's not allowing anymore new drilling anywhere in the US. Which to me is CRAPPOLA! And believe me, Impretty much a hippy but I think we should use our own oil. I will go wherever for work, Antarctica, Bin Ladens f***ing sand bag covered cave, hell I even dived20 feet into a gasoline filled tank.... if you want overseas oil you need George W back in office because he supported his cousins the Saudis. Obama and all politicians are puppets. Not to be trusted. And the Health bill? That's another bucket of s***...
Drilling here woould be great, Just one problem, Obamah made promises that emptied the projects on election day,,,, Now they even realized they should have stayed home. Thanks Mr Prez.
I'm completely offended by the comment that we need toget our s*** together. whoever you are call me, matt houston 360i314i5117 ill show you how much my s*** is together. its a companies responsibility to take care of their s***, not expect us all to chase f***ing pipe dreams. and it should be called black fever in africa, not yellow fever, that would be asia. if you dont like my post call me....
Sounds like somebody's chasing pipe dreams already...
I understand you are getting desperate, as no-one is taking you up on the offer. What's the number? Starbucks? a strip club? It would have been funny if you'd posted the number once, and then waited till someone phoned it, but you got too impatient. Don't worry, you'll get better at it the older you get.
I'm not desperate, I just like attension. That's why they kicked me out of school multiple times... but I get a jobdone and that's what matters. Its my cell sir. I don't go to strip clubs in Louisiana, only the clubs in Oregon and California and Nevada... I heard all the clubs in Louisiana are pretty horrid. But if you know of one that the women actually have teeth please inform me
I just believe that a man orwoman has the right to work their hardest for arespectable wage without having to worry about red tags and overhead b*******. Its common business law, I took a couple years of it. Ask Bobby DeLise, hell agree with me on this. If I wanted to worry about paying out of pocket for things Id have my own business, that's why its the employers responsibility to make sure we all have physicals, shots, certs, all that crap that doesn't mean s*** anyways. If I was that desperate Idve just forged all my s*** instead of wasting $ on what theADC calls a "Dive School"


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