Today in class we were discussing the different types of dive knives and their uses. Of course there were lots of personal opinions concerning this subject and so I thought I would put it out there to the working diver and find out what you preferred. What works best out there? Fixed blade, folding blade... etc. What are the pro's and con's? What are your recommendations? I've heard that a lot of guys are using the Spydercos and the Green Rivers.

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Yes I did find a diver searching through my stuff looking for his stolen very expensive titanium scooby doo knife . .my mate had actually managed to flush it down the toilet . He had it coming!
Delayed response, none the less couldn't pass it up. - has your green river knives. No hassle with international shipping, we are located in Gods country, Texas.

Actual link to the knife:
I think a person should always dive at least two knives "two is one, one is none". I Dive with a Spyderco H1 Hawk bill.  And a blunt nose steak knife with a piece of plastic tubing as a sheath.Nothing beats a steak knife for clearing moring lines from a tug wheel  Using some 550 cord around the steak knife back to the sheath keeps you from losing your steak knife when you are pumping. 

I agree. I tend to use the hawk bills too. Tasman was always my number 1 choice. Although they came out with that bigger Tasman type, called the SpyderHawk. And its good also, much longer blade length. We actually carry both. If you care to check them out.

A very good and worthwhile discussion with great content submitted by all. As you can see the divers knife is a tool that has multiple uses and I believe that the brand of knife you have does not matter as much as having two on your harness somewhere each readily accesible to you and in good working condition. I always prefer one heavy bladed knife in a sheath on the harness good for hammering,chipping and prying etc., the other knife on the d-ring of the harness for miscellaneous cutting of line/rope. Your knife may actually save your life and or at least keep you from "blowing" your dive. A professional diver should never enter the water without a good knife in good working condition! If you are a tender always look out for your diver and his knife keep it rinsed out and sharp for him as you would want this done for you and hell if you are running his decompression it gives you something to do during the air breaks.... been there done that. Safe diving to all.
i just have a green river bolted to my harness
What suit is that?


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