I know that the site runs on sponsership but two ads telling everyone theres loads of work and theres rediculous amounts of money to be made c**mon it just goes against everything that is discussed in the forums and is misleading to all the newbeys that are considering the career


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I'm making ridiculous amounts of money and there's no shortage of work..whereabouts are you?
obviously nowhere near you but can I come visit ???????
One as is for a dive school and the other is for a law firm.

and both are talking s***


George, I see 2 adverts, 1 for a lawyer, and one for a dive school. I don't see any statements of any kind. Omar, I'm here. Are you there?

"commercial diving is booming : You can be part of it"


"oil companies need divers for offshore exploration projects "


if this is booming id hate to see a recession


there are already more than enough divers to cover the demand for current exploration projects


NEW Commercial Diving Jobs

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