Cornerstone Medical Clinic and Chamber on the Honduran Bay Island of Roatan. Has anyone gone to this school? If not does anyone know anything about it?

I have been looking for different schools for my EMT and DMT training and I came across this one. It’s a 5 to 6 week program for someone who has no medical background such as myself. The total course cost is 2000 and they say the DMT credentials are recognized world wide. It’s on the Roatan which is on the 2nd largest barrier reef, so I think this would be an awesome place to study and get some great dives in-between.

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I would suggest you ask just who recognized the DMT credentials.

Ask for references before you spend the money.

if the DMT cert is international they should be advertising it as an IMCA cert

The program he is speaking of began in the early 90's taught by Oilfield divers to a few Docs and nurses who were SCUBA (PADI) divers. It holds no water with offshore divers and is not a DMT course that we recongnise.


Mr Tailing Red you say you are attending CDA at this moment? Why is it that you continue to post threads such as this if you are? All available information should be affored to you through your counsellor at CDA.

The origin of the courses began @ Utila Island Honduras!

IMCA came from the ashes of the AODC in the mid-90's. The governing body in the UK is the HSE. The HSE Part 1 was the Air diving qualification, and HSE Part 2 was the Sat ticket. If you have a part 1, and never physically got a Part 2 ticket in your hand, then you'll have to jump through a few hoops to get your Part 2 nowadays. (I'd get in touch with IMCA first of all, and see if they accept IUC International/ PDCNY tickets as 'IMCA approved'. If they do, then you're laughing.) If you have an HSE ticket you can work pretty much anywhere with a few exceptions. (there are some countries who want to charge a 'small fee' to let you use it, but these are few and far between). The HSE ticket is accepted by IMCA, so certainly any IMCA job worldwide, and HSE cert's are definitely accepted in the Middle East. As for India-Is the Contractor a member of IMCA? do you mean you want to work for a Diving Contractor there, or are you a Diving Contractor looking to get a Diving contract in India? If you are a Diver looking for a job, and you have an HSE diving ticket, then that won't be the problem. (I believe that there is one or two safety passports etc. that you need to work there, but if you get a job with a company there, then they should walk you through all the paperwork, along with sorting out the visa's etc.). If you're a company, then feck knows! I'd try bribing someone...

Happy to help. I'll say one thing, though- it's not quite as simple as that to get a Part 2.

In the UK, you pay your money, get a part 1 (since 1998 this is actually called HSE Offshore top up, or something like that.). then you have to fulfil some requirements (these change from time to time, but for arguments sake, lets say that it's a certain amount of dive time at different depths, roughly adding up to a year of work). Then you have to pay more money (a LOT more money- last I heard in TUC was about £18k) to one of the IMCA-compliant schools (off the top of my head, TUC in Scotland, INPP in France, TUC in Tasmania or PDC in S. Africa) and you get an IMCA Closed-Bell Ticket. You will only get an actual 'HSE Closed Bell' ticket (which used to be called the HSE Part 2) if you go to the Scottish school, as it's the only UK school which does Sat training. You can't get a job in Sat in the UK without the ticket. I suspect what you have/had in mind with the IUC and PDSNY is some kind of 'Grandad's rights' ticket, or similar.

The only way that I can see around you not having to go back to school(!) is to get in touch with IMCA and see if they are willing to transfer the Sat certification you have (and experience) to an IMCA Closed Bell ticket. This might even involve having to go to an IMCA compliant school (I believe there's a couple in USA and Canada) and jumping through a couple of hoops, maybe sit an exam, and show some logbooks.


If the job in Dubai is Air work, your Part 1 will cover you. If it's Sat, and the company will accept what you've got, then you're still a go, but if you need an IMCA ticket, I'd get on the phone.


Sorry if this p***** up your leg...!


OK, have a look at this link- see if you can see your cert on there, alternatively, I'd draw your attention to the bit at the bottom right about the Ocean corporation- I'd get in touch with them and see what they need to give you an IMCA ticket.


Dale given all your experience i would like your addvice on what would benefit me more right out of the gate. Would it be better to persue extra edducation with welding technician or the meddical technician? thanks for your time! 

No Joe Black, I start in Feb and I am just looking for a cheaper program for my EMT and DMT training this one is about 2000 cheaper than CDA. So I figured I would jump on here and get some experienced DMT's opinions’

In the United States, EMTs are certified according to their level of training. Individual states set their own standards of certification (or licensure, in some cases). All EMT training must meet the minimum requirements as set forth in the U.S. Department of Transportation's standards for curriculum.

[edit] National Registry

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) is a private organization[1] and voluntary standards and testing body which examines and certifies EMT candidates using its written and practical skills exams. While most states do accept the credentials of the National Registry as equivalent to, or in place of, their own certification, not all states do. Currently, NREMT exams are used by 46 states as the sole basis for certification at one or more EMT certification levels.[2]

[edit] Levels of EMTs

The US Department of Transportation recognizes four levels of EMTs:

* EMT-B (Basic)
* EMT-I/85 (Intermediate)
* EMT-I/99 (Intermediate)
* EMT-P (Paramedic)

if you're in the US contact your local community college or visit the National Registry of EMTs website they can help you find an EMT course to meet your needs and your budget. Then go for the DMT.
I would go to a school in the U.S. get your ADCE card, if you want to go international then you can pay another 500 bucks and get your IMCA card. You do know that being a DMT you only get a $1.00 more in pay when you start and it dose not get any higher,but weld tech's they make way more in the long run. And a weld tech will get the job before you do,because they know a weld tech can work harder then  MDT and has been in the water longer then a MDT has.
Moooo E Bueno!


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