I am a student at Diver's Academy Int. in Erial NJ currently. Once I get done school in July I would like to go after my class A cert for welding. I was told by one of my instructors that there is a course I need to take to get the cert in Panama City FL. Does any one know more about it?

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in Canada getting an A ticket is a fairly involved process where one needs to get their "C" > "B" and then their "A". But that is purely for your dry tickets you can go get your Hydraweld after getting you "C", b/c then at least you will have a better knowledge of how to stick weld (SMAW) and will probably excel a bit better.
Thanks for the info. Do you know more on where to get your class c/b ticket? I was a top side welder for about 3 years now. Just never needed the certs on anything I did, just the know how. I have done SMAW, MIG, TIG, precious metal brazing, brazing, OxyAcetylene, and Plasma cutting. I want to get into nuke reactor repair and need a A ticket to do so. just need guidance on how to get there, my instructors are not very helpful on this topic
i dont know for the states if you have been topside for 3 years then didnt you ever get any sort of formal training. this is stuff you should know. dont you have a welders log book?


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