I am planning on attending CDA in June and am trying to get some insight on how much time, on average, I will need to devote to studying outside of class time. 

I am trying to decide whether or not I should get an apartment in Jacksonville with my girlfriend.  I don't want her to quit her jobs and move across the country with me and then never be able to spend time together, at least for 5 months.


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How successful do you want to be? What is your commitment? How fast to you learn? How much previous diving experience do you have? Do you have ancillary skills that could stand improvment? Etc. I suppose you could squeek by with an hour a day-but wtf you're spending alot of $$ what do you want out of it?
if its like diver academy international..(im sure it is) you will need 100 persent of your time starting from day one....you will only have time for school, study, and sleep everyday.....the first week you will learn gas laws..converting temperature...atmosphers. and all sorts of other formulas...it isnt easy i tell you
Okay well I am a very quick learner. I will have my advanced open water and open water certs for recreational diving by NAUI prior to going. I might have my night diver specialist cert too, depends how many night dives I get done over spring break. I am very good with my hands and very comfortable underwater. We've been doing confidence drills in my scuba class at WIU, things like Ditch & Dawn or Bailouts. I am going to be spending a lot of money going to school at CDA and plan to devoted 100% of my time that is needed to pass at the top of my class.
I am really on here asking what other people have done there or while they're in school how much time did they actually study outside of school?
I am also very mechanically inclined. I have 4 years of High School autos under my belt and I also work on my my own cars and my friends' cars. I very good with my hands. I also have some college chemistry under my belt too, so I will pick up on all the gas laws right away. In my Scuba class we've been going over diving physiology ever since last august.
all i can say is the open water certs are gonna be useless...there is a dive master in my class and he found that out very fast....i would reserch alot before i would say "im gonna graduate at the top of my class" cause everybody thinks that going in...but find out it very tough to do that....all i can say is good luck......
ps...how many cars are you planning on fixind underwater?.....provable none
ps...how many cars are you planning on fixind underwater?.....provable none

BTW i mentioned the cars thing to say that i know how to work with my hands.
This is the only cert you need before attending commercial diver training:

For god's sake man, take the GF with you! You sure as hell won't have time for her once you finish school and enter the real world!
i went to a school where we were boat access only no free time, and no "top of the class".
ps- after school, i broke up with her after a year at work anyways
Like everybody has said, it all depends on how fast you pick up on things. I'm currently a Junior here at CDA and we have guys that spend all night studying and some that study 30 minutes. I've always had a knack for picking things up quickly and remembering them from just being said and I'm at the "top of my class" via grade percentage but haven't spent any time studying. The courses are fast paced but the teachers are more than happy to answer any questions as your going. Bring your girl and enjoy your time together while you still have some free time. Hope this helps!



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