Hey guys since you were also helpful before I thought I'd shoot more questions out there. I'm an employed tender and I'm getting a dive or two a day. I'm thinking of buying my first hat(there's a raise) also it shows desire to be more than a tender. What's a good path to take to get into SAT? Any and all opinions or info welcome thank you.

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You are gonna need a hat.  Choose any one of the newer KMDSI helmets.  The 77 is the best performing.  The 57 a close 2nd.  Don't get suckered into buying one of those other hats, some companies won't let you dive them.  

Your getting a dive or two a day with who? Is this mud jet diving?

(also I've heard "oh they'll give me a raise if I buy a hat" yeah that doesn't work bud.

Isn't this your first job or first week? Slow down and wait you just started

do some research and consider longevity and cost of maintenance as well as purchase price.  sometimes a used hat will end up costing more than a new one after you send it in for inspection.  the best way to SAT is stay employed and alive. after about 10 years experience under your belt then go for it. 

buy the one that fits your head and the company has the most spares for.

buy your dive tech a beer, listen to some horror stories. then find some fresher out of school and buy his old one.

i personally love the old 17b but some people are dodgy about using them.

I just got a 57 and they are amazing. But 77 or 57 is the way to go, 47 is the same as 77 just fiberglass.

Shaun, put the Jameson down, and step away from the computer.

Hi Jim,
Here in the US GOM, the companies have become very strict regarding hat maintenance. All DSI hats must be inspected yearly and certified by DSI trained techs. Gone are the days of hand made parts, custom paint jobs, and backyard fiberglass repairs. I wouldn't buy any hat without first having it checked out by certified techs, and running the serial number. There are a lot of scammers out there.

Thanks Mike,was just trying to tell the guy be careful he doesn't buy something that requires an expensive repair. It was a pet thing of mine, checking the front lower edges of a 17 shell.I work top-side and never did a lot of diving,but have been around long enough to hear stories from divers,some of whom have had a helmet come loose,and one guy's helmet actually came all the way off,and he caught hold of it and got it back on.(the guy's name was Bob Brown, from Troon, Scotland)  Even at Dive School (83) I had to decline to don a helmet which had such damage, and the pin at the back was loose because of damage to the thread in the bronze back-weight.I was always surprised at how some divers are meticulous about taking care of their kit, while others toss it about like it's bullet proof.In the 90s we were sent a detailed report from a US Navy Tech working with a DSI qualified Tech, they took a helmet apart and logged all the damage and lack of maintenance in minute detail. That was the result of a fatality.I don't ever want to hear of another diver hurt, or worse.You've already got the most dangerous job around, even when you check everything's right. Take care, you and your friends!  Best Regards



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