I'm in school right now, graduate in May, planning on taking Dive Medic course over the summer. I want to get into SAT diving, and am just looking for some advice.

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Find the doc with the suped up delorian, go back in time about 15 years and start diving before your 35..... good luck, and make sure you bring enough plutonium for the flux capacitor...
It's all about timing!!! Get yourself on a sat job that has a side mating door on the bell.
Just before they bring the bell back climb into the trunking but make absolutely sure nobody spots you.

Once they mate the bell and equalise the trunking your in!
I wouldn't make retirement plans before you actually test the employment market.
Flynn hit the nail on the head I think, when he mentioned that schools let you think you are qualified for SAT as soon as you walk out the front door. I have no practical dive experience, but I've gotten the runaround enough in life to know when I'm being lied to. I read a post on here the other day that related dive schools to used car salesmen. They will tell you all of the good out there about diving, even dress it up a little, but don't mention any of the bad. They also talk about SAT school and diving in general the same way alot of people talk about the Marines when talking about the military. If you are going to enlist, why not go all out and join the Marines? If you are gonna dive, why not go all out and be a SAT rat? Its all a sales pitch. I think I've learned almost as much practical useful knowledge reading posts on here 2x or 3x a week than listening to some of the "salesmen" at school. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, and don't get upset or worked up if someone tells you something that you don't like, or even seems rude. This is a highly competitive field to work in, and some of the guys on here really know their stuff. I still take an elbow to the ribs here n there, but reaction is half the battle. you can either get upset from it, or you can learn from it. Good luck with the SAT dreams, anything can happen.
I've got a question for the veterans around here. Do you think it will be hard for Isacc to become a sat diver because he is too old or because he might be a little too focused on cash? If he's too old let me ask you what would be a good age to start diving if one is focused on becoming a sat diver?
There's no real answer to that Eric. On one hand, a Sat diver should be an experienced Air diver making the next step. On the other, you can get an HSE Closed Bell ticket a year after becoming a Diver, and end up in some SEA/ ME 4 man sat system making 500 bucks a day. All Sat Divers ultimately do it for the money. That's why it pays. There is no age limitations officially put on it, but you need to be able to do the job, both mentally and physically. Some of the best Sat divers I know are in, or bumping, their 50's, but they probably couldn't last a week on a hard-working Civils job!
Obviously, starting diving at 18 would give you your wh*** life to make a go of it, but there are more important considerations than age, is what I'm saying.
Well Isacc

If you want to do things right . First off concentrate on getting your bottom time . Build your hours and get good at your job . YOU WILL NOT BE PUT IN SAT IF YOU SUCK . Remember this is the most costly means of diving and errors will get you a window or and aisle seat (if your lucky). Secondly if you are getting in this business just for the money , sorry to bust your balloon but I dought you will make it . During these current economic times oil companies have taken full advantage of the situation causing diving contractors to do a major re-think . Some examples are reducing wages and weeding out personnel they do not with to keep . So to some it up keep your nose down , get your bottom time and learn as much as you can .

"How do you get into Sat?"




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