First post. Just curious.

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You bet Mike my first commercial job back in 1970 Marina Del Rey, Ca. three years of hard work then graduated to hyd machines.

Any suggestions on what type  hydraulic hull cleaning equipment ?

yes me and still doing it.
just lashed out on a new machine ooouuuuucchhhhhhhhhh£££££$$$$$$.
i just hope it does what it says on the tin

Hi Saw and old post. I hull clean by hand and want to start prop polishing on big props.  I also want to use the hydraulics on mega yachts.


Any suggestions on equipment-powerpacks, brushes, heads etc..



divers or machines?
yachts or ships?
both but ref ships BIG ones we only prop polish

yes, I have hull cleaned every Navy ship in the pacific fleet,and polish screws with DS brushes on nuclear sub's in the pacific fleet. When I was younger use to clean pleasure crafts to in SD harbor. I would have to say most all divers have clean a hull or two in there time.

saw your old post.  i clean boats by hand but want to start polishing props and clean bigger yatchs and ships if possible- any suggestions on equipment like powerpacks, brushes, and heads to run brushes?

im looking at armada hull



i looked at that kit but it its big brush head wise, so i opted for smaller head more $$$ but you get into smaller spaces.

power pack is briggs stratton powered 10 to 40ltrs per min 160bar max good kit quite too.

unlike my cavi blaster that wakes the dead and its honda, it ok and does the job just about for the cost and its limited applications.

Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply. 

So do you have the small head from Armada?  Where can I get a small head? Where did you get the Briggs & Stratton?  Where do you get your brushes?

I want a power pack that will just do the job-dont need all bells and whistles and so much power to light a city!!

Any suggestions too on power pack?



Try to get a honda engine you will be better off in long run.


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