Found this video on a lifting operation turned to s***e. From what I could see the divers were on 115 meters and the bag stopped at 83 meters. Hopefully there are some portugese speaking divers who would like to translate.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong. Let's say there is a mechanism on your umbillical that in a mather of seconds cuts your umbillical in 2. It would need a build in safety mechanism so it doesn't go off by accident like Flynn says. Isn't it a better idea to install a quick release mechanism on the umbillical, so you can just re-connect after? As you all know quick release gas fittings have built in safety mechanisms aswell. In my opinion no need to secure it extra with oposite chinese fingers and carabina, it would only slow you down in the process. Thinking out loud here, maybe a good idea...
Not going into any great depth here, but personally, I don't see very many scenarios in Sat, where you would want to cut your umbilical. Id guess I'm veering close to Flynn where he said something like any specific danger should be addressed before hitting the water. All I can think of is how many fail-safes you would want in order that something like this doesn't go off accidentally. And did I read somewhere here that someone was thinking about an explosive device? On an umbilical? Next to the diver, in the water?
Think when it does happen what is my emergency plan B?  because actually there are "NO WHAT IF's" it will happen you just dont know when. Plan ahead stay aheadstay alive- Time underwater = RISK! Hooya!


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