looking for a ideas on the best way to go about cleaning the inside of a 12 inch ID pipe.

the problem being its 100ft long with two 45degree angle dog legs in it.


when have hydraulics for hull cleaning and  cavi blaster .


so ideas please.


steve h

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interesting VERY.

they have some nice kit.




Guessing pigs are out of the budget haha :)

Worked with Sureclean about 12-13 years ago using that kit to internally clean powerstation out falls. All we did was put the rattler in the mouth of the pipe and it worked its way up the pipe. Different heads to do different jobs, ie, a rotating head to clean the circ**ference, retro jets to drag the muck to the mouth of the pipe. All we did was flatten the piles outside the mouth with a firehose. Probably too expensive to get Sureclean to where you are, but there's loads of companies that do the same stuff. Think companies who inspect drains with CCTV etc- they'll usually have a few nozzles and a pump to clear stuff. All it really is, is HP water, a powered hose reel that can pull the hose back, with full retro on, and the hose and nozzles.

I have used roto rooter to due almost exact same job  nite quite 100 ' tho

call a vac truck, most places will have regulations on just pumping  pipe muck into an outfall. Be careful as it is usually a 5000 dollar fine doing so. A vac truck can do this job in two or three hours.

sean i agree with you but in this case its not muck its all marine growth nothing more nothing less.


err could do with a little more info on this please.

ok so its been a few months in getting it together but we have.

with no more infocoming in we did on our own as normal.

we found a bit of kit called a warthog fro drain cleaning, it works with very little pressure i.e.2000psi and 45ltrs of water a min. so 1800$ later we have it and we used wensday and it works really well. climbs well to though three 45deg elbows and up hill at the same time.

i must say the first 6foot it takes some holding but after that it gets easier as it takes tthe weight of the hose and starts the climb. we had it up to 50foot but we have now had to buy more hose so we will let you know how it goes.

dont you love it when a plan comes together.


A jet Ratt works great! Email me and Ill get you some drawings.

well so far so good as they say extra hose is rubber as oppossed to plastic heavy but better when it comes to dealing with the scatches etc.



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