Stanton's Videos (3)

  • Turdle

    Turdle 02:05

    Came to see me on a gas job. I thought this was cool until I saw the ROV footage of the friendly tu… Tags: deco, job Stanton Jan 31, 2013 225 views

  • Sharkbait

    Sharkbait 03:33

    Me working in Brooklyn and Hoboken. I had to chisel some windows in epoxy jackets, through which we… Tags: NYC, Hudson Stanton Feb 1, 2010 110 views

  • East 23rd

    East 23rd 0:30

    Me faceplanting in a snowbank and getting peppered with snowballs. I was inspecting piles for a Tre… Tags: NYC Stanton Feb 1, 2010 122 views

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