Hi everyone.
Greetings from the sharp end. I am an old and bold diver who wrote my autobiography which has resulted in a 374 +page book with 140+ photographs taken during my 49 year diving career. A diverse and interesting career which took me around the world as a commercial, military and recreational diver. As I have now joined cDiver's ranks, I just wanted to share the knowledge acquired with you budding diving youngsters.The book is called, "Five Bells" Job Done ~ A Divers story. Check out my book and site at: www.tonyliddicoat.com. copies of the book signed by me and stamped with my commercial 'hardhat'stamp are available on the site. Take a look - makes an ideal gift for those you know who have everything.! [ISBN No 9780956139900] I wish you all safe diving. Tony Liddicoat

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