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"What ever happened to Jeff Spicoli"

Okay, admit it: Jeff Spicoli was your high school hero. While you were doing laps at football practice and cramming for SATs, he was cutting Mr. Hands history class and buring another bowl of weed-ies. But your dedication paaid off right after high school, right? After all, what kind of future could a baked-potatoe-head like Spicoli really have? I plundered the Ridgemont High alumni files to find out. After all, someone who has meant so much to so many needs to be tracked down. And everyone… Continue

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Somebody has got to do something about crime in the streets. Every day it seems as though there are more criminals running loose out there, and the quality of their work is pathetic.

I base this statement on a crime experience I had recently in the streets of New Orleans while visiting Mike Bonner, who lives in the heart of the French Quarter and divides his time pretty much equally between being a Commercial Diver and trying to park his car. This experience occurred as we were… Continue

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I want the Patch

Greetings gentle readers, I have a cheap friend. His name is Oscar. To say he is cheap is basically an understatement. Even his wife will say Oscar is cheap. One would think that he would learn sooner or later that you get what you pay for.

Well Oscar is a smoker, you would think that if your going to kill yourself with smoke you would at least kill yourself with quality. You would think wouldn't you. Well you would be wrong to think that he would buy name brand. Oh no, not Oscar. He… Continue

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The last flight of the Midnight Eagle

Greetings gentle readers, this article is about one of the last diving jobs I did for Torch. After reading it you will understand why it was one of the last jobs I did for Torch.

Torch like all pipe laying companies wants more barges, so they build the "Midnight Eagle". A suppose great and majestic Dynamic Positioning Barge. State of the art in every way.

The problem is, when you go state of the art, you don't buy your equipment in the bargain basement. Case and point.… Continue

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Another Sea Story

That's right boys and girls gather round,

it's Uncle Scott's sea story time. And as some of you kiddies know some of

Uncle Scott's stories are rather twisted.

This particular sea story begins on thanks giving day just before

dinner time when I worked for a company called Epic Divers. Not a bad

company. Lot's of fun. The owner was a lady that we all loved, cared for

and admired. So for someone like that you would sacrifice thanksgiving.

Besides… Continue

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Don't Feed Elmo

This is an old story I published on Offshore diver. But it is still good enough to share.

Have you ever been on a job that was just too good to be true. One that seemed to make all the B.S. that you had to go through just to get there seem worth it? One that was so much fun that you knew in your heart that some how reality was going to look at you and realize that you as a human were not allowed to be enjoying yourself like you were.

I was on a job like that… Continue

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