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I need a time out in the sun!!!

I need a job in the sun....... That was the thought that entered my head at 2 am this morning!!! It was still swimming around (you know what it's like...a bad tune you can't stop whistling) so I decided to get up check out cDiver be for going for my morning run.

The work has dropped off, been on the beach with Divex in Aberdeen Scotland. the project I was on has slipped alittle so I've time to kill for a month, currently on standy for Grampian Diving in Scotland but civils is quiet… Continue

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Dive Mates

Hi its Woody (John Greenwood)

I'm seeking out any of my old Dive Mates from the Professional Dive Academy CDC17, I'm now working with Divex based in Aberdeen Scotland, working on the latest Sat Systems. I contacted Lemons this week and he's living on the west coast of Scotland, so I'm going to make a point of seeing him, I'm at my girls in Crieff Pershire at the moment....

Best Regards All


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The Day the Sea Caught Fire: 20 years after the Piper Alpha explosion, the survivors get to tell their story

The Piper Alpha explosion was the world's worst off-shore oil disaster. The disaster killed 167 men, only 59 men of the crew survived. The death toll includes 2 men from a rescue vessel. Insurance claims totaled $3.4 billion USD.

The fire was visible 70 miles away as a distant, flickering flame on the horizon.

The heat generated was so intense that a helicopter could only circle at a perimeter of one mile, the tongues of… Continue

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What is a Commercial Oilfield Diver?

A friend sent me this poem, its an oldie but still a goodie....

What is a Commercial Oilfield Diver?

They come in assorted sizes, in trucks, in helicopters, in supply boats, in "cut-off" jeans, in love, in debt, and indiscriminately. Girls love them, whores take them, St. John's tolerate them and governments support them.

They are laziness with a pack of cards, bravery with a bottle of rum, and the saviours of humanity on empty pockets. They have the… Continue

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becoming a diver

i'm not a diver, want to become one tho. i am in the military until february and i wonder if anyone could help me find the right school that is HSE certified because i want to work international. any information is appreciated. thank you

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Saving Baton Rouge

In Sept. 1965 Hurricane Betsy ravaged southern Louisiana, leaving in its wake an inland shipping disaster with 200+ vessels sunk or stranded along the Mississippi. But the nightmare had only begun for during the storm MTC 602 with a cargo of 600 tons of liquid chlorine had been ripped loose from its moorings in Baton Rouge and swamped by a wave, the barge and it's lethal cargo lay on the bottom somewhere, location unknown, a ticking time bomb. If the liquid chlorine in the barge's tanks… Continue

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You Know You're Having a Bad Day When...

Tom is a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers out of Louisiana and performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs.

Below is an email he sent to his sister. She sent it to Laugh line and won the contest (he wasn't thrilled with her for that one). Anyway...anytime you think you have had a bad day at the office, remember this guy.

April 1998

Hi Sue,

Just another note from your bottom dwelling brother. Last week I had a bad day at the… Continue

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Wheres The Work

Hey Sportsfans,
I've been diving for the past 5 years, I am a Sat diver and willing to travel anywhere, I love the life style and the work, but right now, I cant find work to save my life. Have just spent the summer slinging tanks for a dive shop, Ha a ittle depressing. So a little help boys, If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be great.

Drive Fast, and smoke in bed.


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The Capsizing of Progress Marine II, Part II

It was decided that the divers would attempt entry via a hatch near the bow by the galley where there wasn't as much debris in the water. Arriving at the hatch, the divers were unable to open the submerged hatch due to the pressure. The call was put out for underwater burning equipment. Using the burning gear, the divers were able to cut the hatch hinges and pry the hatch loose, allowing the divers entry to the flooded galley.

Each diver carried a light, holding their lights before… Continue

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The Capsizing of The Progress Marine II, Part I

In the early afternoon hours of Sunday June 1, 1975 the jack-up rig Progress Marine II was being towed by the tug Admiral Lee to a new worksite in the GOM. At the time there was a 12 man crew aboard the rig. Some crewmen were resting in their bunks in the living quarters below deck. Others were topside, enjoying the sun.

The rig was approximately 18 miles southwest of Grand Isle, LA when disaster struck. Without warning the rig began to list to the starboard. Instantly… Continue

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The Last WWII U.S. Army Deep Sea Diver

Article by Patrick Wilson

The Virginian-Pilot

May 1, 2009

Jim Kennedy slogged onto Utah Beach in 1944 and saw the bloated bodies of American servicemen in the water. The tide washed them out. The tide washed them back in. It was three weeks after D-Day, June 6, 1944. The drama of the landing had passed, and the grim work of cleaning up the beach had begun. The Allies were pushing inward. And Kennedy's own story was just about to start.

He belonged to a unit of… Continue

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The following article is from the old National Association of Commercial Divers (NAOCD) website. Author unknown. Some of the information is outdated but all and all its a good read for those thinking about becoming a commercial diver.

So...You Want to be a Commercial Diver?*

Revised, April 2001're thinking about being a commercial diver?

Did you see suggestive pictures, or catchy captions in one of the scuba magazines? "Excitement, Adventure, and Money"… Continue

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V3 torches

Nearly done with my first lot of UW torches. To do list: hydraulic tests and final assembly. It's quite clear with assembly, but still have my doubts about hydraulic tests. Mainly it's for recreational scuba, however I'm hell curious, how much it can take. I'm pretty sure, the body will survive 50 bars, not sure about the glass. Well, two of them will have to take 20 bars as it's a matter of time and money when I will descent to 100 metres. To be honnest, is mostly money as gear differs from… Continue

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I now know without a doubt what so ever ! That i will be doing this type of work till the day i die. I have been doing it long enough to have experienced the good and the bad of it. In been a female diver never in my dreams could i have imagined that in this field there weren't many of us. I was innocent to the fact . But later learned the reality of it. I took all i could learn from the bad and moved on , It only made me a better diver .The good parts have given me great memories and stories… Continue

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Grant Money

Does anyone know were i can get Information about Grant money to Clean up lakes and rivers

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Diver fatality

EPORT REGARDING DIVING FATALITY (ROB HOLBR00K), 12TH AUGUST 2009, ONBOARD SWIBER ‘GLORIOUS’, VIETSOVPETRO, VIETNAM BY DAVID CLEVERLEY, LEAD DIVER This report details basic sequence of events and does not lay blame or why it happened, but what happened. I don’t want to assume anything.

On the 11th August, while lead diver on day shift we prepared the system for a gas bounce dive on He02 16% to 57 meters. The plan was to attach davitt 2 and 4 to the 8” pipeline for an add-on and subsequent… Continue

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Any Work out there?

Does any body have ANY leads on Companies That actually have work and are working? I have 14 years of experience.


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From the late 1950's through the 1960's the U.S. Navy SEALAB program was guided by Captain George Bond. While this diving program got less media exposure than NASA's space program and even Cousteau's rival Conshelf program, SEALAB's impact has been very profound by proving the viability of saturation diving.

The Following article is taken from the US Navy EDU Website

MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009

On July 20, 1964, SeaLab I (commanded by CAPT George F. Bond)… Continue

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Working in SE Asia

Work in SE Asia has been slow. However, some companies always have work. Having DMT or Inspection is a plus. Knowing somebody who knows somebody is how you get the job.. are only as good as your last dive...Small Crowd in this game. If you drop a spanner in
Africa..they the divers here about it on a DSV in Dubai...

Anyone working in Brunei or Miri, Malaysia for Sarku?

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