Oceanus Research,LLC has a
vision for developing new technology, improving upon existing ideas,
and support, to further advancements in the ocean industry. We are
constantly testing new ideas as technologies change and improve. Our
goal is to become a leader in the ocean engineering field to support
the advancement of research, exploration, and discovery of our largest
and most beautiful resource, the

Dedicated exclusively to projects in the marine environment, Oceanus Research offers a team of engineers, planners, managers, and scientific research technicians to complement
our vision. Our experience, state of the art technology, and unprecedented commitment to quality is what sets us apart from the competition.

Committed to quality, our staff specializes in a wide variety of services. Oceanus Research offers a full range of services to both inland and offshore clientele. These range from inspection and repair, to ocean engineering of coastal, surface, and sub-sea systems. Simply put, Oceanus Research, LLC has the unparalleled ability to identify problems and provide safe, sanitary, and economical solutions.

Planning and engineering for facilities in a marine environment require specialized knowledge and skills. Working exclusively on marine projects, Oceanus Research professionals are specialists in their respective discipline as they pertain to the marine environment.

Oceanus Research, LLC website: http://www.oceanusresearch.com

Oceanus Research, LLC email: info@oceanusresearch.com

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